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How do I rename an item and/or change its URL?

All content items in the Hunter WebCMS have a title and a short name which are used to generate the item's URL (web address). When a new item is created and given a title, the title is used to create a short name by changing the text to lowercase, removing any invalid characters, and replacing spaces with hyphens (-).

For example, imagine there is a page titled Faculty and Staff in the About Us folder on the Psychology Department website. This page's short name would be faculty-and-staff, and its URL would be:

After an item has been created, changing the item's title via the Edit tab has no effect on the item's short name or, subsequently, its URL. Instead, you must use the below procedure to change an item's URL.

To rename an item, you must have the appropriate role(s). For example, only someone with the Publish Content role can rename an Externally Published item, but anyone with the Write Content role can rename an item in the Working Draft state.

Care should be taken when renaming items, as changing the URL can cause bookmarks or other links to fail.

Note: It's also possible to change the name of an item in the navigation menu without affecting the item itself. Click here to learn more.

The process to rename an item is as follows:

  1. Navigate to the item you wish to rename.
  2. In the green toolbar, click on Actions, then select Rename.

    Rename (1)

  3. You'll be brought to the Rename Item page. In the New Short Name field, enter the short name you would like to assign to this item. Short names should be all lowercase, and contain only alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) and hyphens (-). No other symbols or punctuation are allowed, and you may not include spaces. In the New Title field, you may change the title of the item.

    Rename (2)

  4. When you're done, click on Rename All.

    Rename (3)



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