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Support the National Center’s mission of studying collective bargaining and labor relations at colleges and universities.

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The Center for the Study of Academic Labor

National Labor Relations Board

US DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics

US Dept of Education Office of Postsecondary Education

US DOL Collective Bargaining Agreements

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services

Canadian Legal Information Institute

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

California Public Employment Relations Board

Connecticut Department of Labor

D.C. Public Employment Relations Board

Delaware Public Employment Relations Board

Florida Public Employees Relations Commission

Hawaii Labor Relations Board

Illinois Educational Relations Board

Iowa Public Relations Board

Kansas Department of Labor

Maine Labor Relations Board

Maryland Higher Education Labor Relations Board

Massachusetts Commonwealth Employment Relations Board

Michigan Employment Relations Commission

Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services

Missouri State Board of Mediation

Montana Board of Personnel Appeals

Nebraska Commission of Industrial Relations

Nevada Board of Regents

New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board

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Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board

Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation

University of Indiana

Utah System of Higher Education·

Vermont Labor Relations Board

Washington Public Employment Relations Commission

Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission

1970 GSE Contract at the University of Wisconsin

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National Center Events

Save the Dates: March 26-28, 2023

National Center's 50th Annual Conference in New York City

On March 26-28, 2023, the National Center will be holding our 50th annual conference in New York City at Hunter College. It will be a hybrid conference, which will permit in-person and virtual options for panelists and attendees.

The theme of the 2023 annual conference will be Collective Bargaining in Higher Education Looking Back, Looking Forward, 1973-2023.

Below is a list of currently confirmed conference panel topics with more to be announced:

The 50-Year History of Collective Bargaining at Hofstra University

Collective Bargaining and Building Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis

The Negotiated Substance and Procedures of Contract Non-Discrimination Clauses

Collective Bargaining and Governance: In Harmony or In Conflict?

Title IX: Its Past, Its Present, and Its Future

Bargaining, Arbitrating, and Litigating over Academic Freedom

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: State and Federal Higher Education Financing Over the Past Half-Century

Enrollment Trends and Strategies: Past, Present, and Future

Exploring the Retirement Income Equity Gap

It Started in Madison: Graduate Assistant Unionization and Collective Bargaining

Cultivating a Collaborative Culture in a Climate of Semi-Permanent Austerity

Labor and Anti-Discrimination Rights at Religiously-Affiliated Institutions

Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Labor-Management Cooperation for Campus and Community Benefits

Additional news about panels and panelists along with registration and hotel information will be announced in future newsletters and on our website.

Become a Conference Sponsor or Program Advertiser to Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary and Support Our Research

To help celebrate the National Center’s 50th anniversary, we encourage higher education institutions, unions, law firms, and companies to become a sponsor of our 2023 annual conference.

Through a conference sponsorship you will demonstrate support for the National Center’s continuing labor-management mission and research agenda.

Another important way to celebrate the National Center’s 50th anniversary and demonstrate support for our mission and research is for your institution, union, law firm, organization or company to place an advertisement in our 2023 conference program.

Please email us with any questions at:

National Center's 49th Annual Conference

The National Center's 2022 national conference was a major success. The virtual conference took place on April 11-13, 2022. We thank the many panelists and moderators who participated and the conference attendees. 

We are grateful to TIAA, SEIU, AAUP, AFT, NEA and NCHE for sponsoring the conference, to the organizations, law firms, and businesses that purchased conference program advertisements, and to the individuals who made donations.

Below are links to video recordings of conference presentations along with links to panel descriptions, panelists bios, and reading material. Click here for the full conference program. 

with Jennifer J. Raab, President, Hunter College, CUNY, Theodore H. Curry, Professor of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Michigan State University, Christopher Simeone, Director, Department of Organizing and Services, AAUP, and William A. Herbert, Executive Director, National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions, Hunter College, CUNY.

Keynote Presentation: Higher Education Under the Biden-Harris Administration with Montserrat Garibay, Senior Advisor for Labor Relations, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Education in conversation with Kathleen Mulligan, Director of the National Labor Leadership Initiative, Cornell University, ILR School. Panelists Bios

Announcement: Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy with Jeffrey Cross, Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy and Gary Rhoades, Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy.

Panel: The Future of Higher Education with Arthur Levine, Author, The Great Upheaval: Higher Education's Past, Present, and Uncertain Future (2021), Ann Kirschner,  University Professor, City University of New York, Discussant, Adrianna Kezar, Endowed Professor and Dean's Professor of Leadership, USC, Director, Pullias Center, and Director, Delphi Project, Discussant, and Daniel Greenstein, Chancellor, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Moderator.  Panel Description and Panelists Bios

Panel: Contract Negotiations under COVID and Beyond
with Margaret E. Winters, former Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Wayne State University, Ricardo Villarosa, Wayne State University AAUP-AFT, Dominick Fanelli, Associate Director Labor Relations, University of Michigan, Kirsten Herold, President, Lecturers' Employee Organization, AFT Local 6244, and Homer C. La Rue, Labor Arbitrator, Mediator, and Professor of Law, Howard University School of Law, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material

Panel: Pandemic Organizing and Bargaining Lessons in Higher Education with Larry Savage, Chair, Department of Labour Studies, Brock University and Lauren Byers, United Faculty of Florida, Unit Service Director, Organizing Specialist, Barry Miller, Senior Policy Advisor on Labour Relations, York University, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material  

Panel: Lesson Learned: Organizing and Collective Bargaining by Graduate Assistants During the Pandemic with Jacob A. Bennett, MFA, PhD, University of New Hampshire, Ben Serber, Higher Ed Organizer, North Dakota United and Past President, FSU Graduate Assistants United, Amy L. Levant, Assistant Director of Labor and Employee Relations, University of Illinois, Chicago, and Joseph van der Naald, Graduate Student Researcher, Program in Sociology, Graduate Center, CUNY, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios

Panel: Limiting Use of Student Evaluations in Contracts: Challenges in Vision and Enforcement with Steven Newman, former President, Temple Association of University Professionals, Temple University, Ian Sakinofsky, Professor of HR Management, Ryerson University, Laura Murphy, Dutchess United Educators, Alexandra Matish, Associate Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs, University of Michigan, and Timothy S. Taylor, Arbitrator, Scheinman Arbitration and Mediation Services, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material  

Panel: Federal Funding, Inequality, and Higher Education: Politics and Policy-Making with Adam Harris, staff writer at the Atlantic, National Fellow at New America, and Author, The State Must Provide: Why America’s Colleges Have Always Been Unequal — and How to Set Them Right (2021), Rebecca S. Natow, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy, Hofstra University and author, Reexamining the Federal Role in Higher Education: Politics and Policymaking in the Postsecondary Sector (2022), and Sosanya Jones, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Howard University, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material

Panel: Becoming JEDI: Labor-Management Strategy to Challenge Racism on Campus and Stem Community College Enrollment Decline with Courtney Brewer, Professor of Psychology, Executive Vice President, Faculty Association Suffolk Community College, Christina Vargas, Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Coordinator, Suffolk County Community College, board member, ERASE Racism NY, Patty Munsch, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, Suffolk County Community College, Jennifer Browne, Associate Dean for Curriculum Development, Suffolk County Community College, Lauren Liburd, Specialist, SCCC Foundation, Co-Chair Achieving the Dream Committee, and Cynthia Eaton, Professor of English, Secretary, Faculty Association Suffolk Community College, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material

Panel: Collective Bargaining and Shared Governance: Findings from the 2021 AAUP Shared Governance Survey with Lynn Pasquerella, President, Association of American Colleges and Universities, Timothy Reese Cain, Associate Professor of Higher Education, University of Georgia, Hans-Joerg Tiede, Director of Research, American Association of University Professors, and Michael Loconto, Arbitrator and Mediator, Loconto ADR, Boston, MA, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material

Panel: Achieving Pay Parity for Part-Time Faculty in Community Colleges with Sandra Weese, Organizing Director, California Federation of Teachers, Ron McKinley, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Employee Relations, Peralta Community College District, Dyana Delfin-Polk, Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees, and Jennifer Shanoski, President, Peralta Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1603, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material

Panel: An Update from NLRB and Public Sector Labor Relations Agencies on Higher Education Issues
with Mark Gaston Pearce, Executive Director, Workers’ Rights Institute, Georgetown University Law School, and former National Labor Relations Board Chairman, J. Felix De La Torre, General Counsel, California Public Employment Relations Board, Ellen Maureen Strizak, General Counsel, Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board, and Jennifer Abruzzo, General Counsel, National Labor Relations Board. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material

Panel: Faculty Unionization and Collective Bargaining in the Philippines: Similarities and Differences
with Benjamin Velasco, Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines, School of Labor and Industrial Relations, Rene Luis Tadle, Associate Professor, Philosophy, University of Santo Tomas and Lead Convenor, Council of Teachers and Staff of Colleges and Universities of the Philippines, Gerardo L. Blanco Associate Professor, Higher Education, Academic Director, Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, Shannon Lederer, Director of Immigration Policy, AFL-CIO, and Ashwini Sukthankar, Secretary/Treasurer, International Commission for Labor Rights, Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios

Panel: Higher Education Legal Update
with Henry Morris, Jr., Partner, Arent Fox LLP, Monica Barrett, Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC, Angela Thompson, CWA Special Counsel for Strategic Initiatives, Aaron Nisenson, Senior Legal Counsel, AAUP, Panelist and Moderator. Panel Description and Panelists Bios; Reading Material

Support for the Conference was provided by: