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Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing
Alumni Association

Under the leadership of Dean Evelynn Clark Gioiella, the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing Alumni Association was created in 1986. Dean Gioiella convened a group of alumni who created a Nominating Committee chaired by Dr. Joanna Hofmann. As a result of the first election in the Spring of that year, Dr. Ellen Lloyd Gallagher (BS, 1960) was elected President and guided the Association through its formative years. During the first Annual Meeting held in 10/25/1986, we installed our officers, accepted the Bylaws which have been adapted over the years, and enjoyed a presentation by Dr. Louise Fitzpatrick.

In recognition of Ann Dillon, who was both an alumni and a HBSON faculty, the Ann Dillon Award for Caring was created in May, 1990 and has been awarded to graduating students at Convocation since that time.

During 2004-05, in recognition of the vast contributions to HBSON of Professor Joyce Hope who passed in 2003, major fundraising efforts resulted in the creation of the Joyce Hope College Nursing Laboratory, where HBSON students can learn and refine clinical practice skills.

The Alumni Association continues to be involved in a variety of activities including:

  1. Organizing class reunions,
  2. participating in the Alumni Association of Hunter College Hall of Fame Committee and in the Hunter College Birthday Luncheon each Spring,
  3. planning education programs,
  4. purchasing books for the library and the special podium which is actively used during HBSON school events,
  5. supporting HBSON events such as the annual Spring Forum,
  6. supporting graduate students in developing their advocacy skills and funding their trip to Albany, NY, to meet with State Legislators, and
  7. providing undergraduate student scholarships.

We hope to facilitate communication among active members, alumni, and HBSON through this website. According to the Bylaws, all graduates are members of the Alumni Association, but only active members have paid alumni dues. The percent of active members is very low in comparison to the number of members.

We look forward to your becoming an active member to support the ongoing work of your Alumni Association. We also appreciate your input as a Committee or Executive Board member.

Executive Board Officers:

  • President: Leslie Lieth
  • Vice President: Barbara Stephens
  • Treasurer: Marie-Helene "Mia" Lofland
  • Recording Secretary: Ann Bove
  • Corresponding Secretary: Wanda Llambelis

Standing Committees:

  • Program: Dr. Joanna Hofmann
  • Public Relations: Davy Diongson

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