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Departmental Advisor & Chair


Professor Ian Blecher: Academic Advisor

Prof. Blecher is our departments academic advisor. Should you have any queries regarding the courses selection or wish to learn more about what the philosophy department offers to its students, Prof. Blecher's many years of expertise in the field should answer those concerns. Please email the professor if you wish to schedule an in-person, or zoom appointment.

  • Please contact Ian Blecher at regarding any of your advising concerns.
  • You may also contact the Philosophy Department at regarding questions about advising and we'll direct it towards Prof. Blecher.


General Advising

You may see any full-time faculty member for Major and Minor Declarations, information about our Majors and Minor, and Philosophy course information. Please check the Full Time Faculty Office Hours page for office hour times and contact information.


Special Advising

For Graduation Audits, Course Equivalencies, Exemptions from Major Requirements, Waivers and Permissions, and Preregistration Advising for Majors and Minors, you will need to meet with Professor Blecher, the Philosophy Department Advising Coordinator.


Philosophy Extracurriculars

Ian Blecher: Advisor for Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy Honors Society)

Robert Mass: Coordinator for Philosophy Reading Group

This semester a group of philosophy and other students are meeting every other week in an informal setting in HW1409 to study together a few selected philosophical or philosophy adjacent texts. The texts are themed around how one should respond to oppression, both politically and personally. The philosophy reading group have already engaged with selections from Franz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth. They are now turning to Gandhi's Autobiography. After that they hope to look at selections from the work of Frederick Douglass, Primo Levi and Simone de Beauvoir. Robert Mass has only chosen texts that they thought were particularly accessible and that have moved them. So that students work the reading group into their otherwise busy schedule, participants only read a few short selections from each of the books. And, of course, there are no papers or grades, just good conversation.

Participants and members have been meeting on Wednesdays at 2:30 (although that date and time may change). If anyone is interested in joining please contact Robert Mass at and they will tell you what you need to know. And, don't forget there are always donuts or muffins!



Professor Justin Garson