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Carol C. Gould

Professor of Philosophy

Office: 1420 Hunter West

Phone: (212) 396-6502 or ext 1-6502

Office Hours: Mondays 2:30-3:00 at Roosevelt House, 3rd Floor Faculty Office, & Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm at Hunter, and by appointment.


Ph.D: Yale University

Areas of Specialization & Competence: Political Theory; Social Philosophy; Theories of Democracy; International Ethics; Philosophy and Public Policy

Representative Publications:

Globalizing Democracy and Human Rights (Cambridge University Press, 2004).

Rethinking Democracy: Freedom and Social Cooperation in Politics, Economy, and Society (Cambridge University Press, 1988, 1990).

Marx's Social Ontology: Indivduality and Community in Marx's Theory of Social Reality (The MIT Press, 1978).

Constructivism and Practice: Toward a Historical Epistemology, editor, (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003).

Gender: Key Concepts in Critical Theory, editor, (Prometheus Books/Humanity, 1999).

Beyond Domination: New Perspectives on Women and Philosophy, editor, (Rowman & Littlefield, 1984).

Artifacts, Representations, and Social Practice: Essays for Marx Wartofsky, co-editor, (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994).