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Academic Resources

Stay Informed


  • Departmental Paper Writing Tips

Writing an essay in philosophy can be a fun and challenging process. If you're not sure what's expected of you, speak to your professor, or check out our paper writing tips for a comprehensive overview.


Resources for Research

Utilize the following resources to compliment your research:

  • The Hunter College Library

The library is a great resource for all your research needs. In addition to having access to CUNY's extensive catalog, the library website gives you access to a ton of online material, including some databases geared toward philosophy. Hunter's librarians are another great resource, and you can contact a librarian with questions, or if you're working on a bigger research project, schedule a research consultation.


  • The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Still a little fuzzy on metaphysics? Not sure who that Wittgenstein guy was or what he was all about? The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a fully up-to-date reference work with in-depth articles by leading academics on a great many philosophical figures and concepts.



On you can follow the work of your favorite philosophers and get free access to thousands of full-text articles and books. Making an account is simple, and it doesn't cost a cent.


  • Phil Papers

Philpapers is a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy, which is maintained by a community of philosophers, and often has links to full-access texts.