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Areas of Specialization

Linda Alcoff

Linda Alcoff
Office: 1419 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5081

Continental Philosophy, Feminism, Epistemology, Critical Race, Latin American Philosophy


Ian Blecher
Doctoral Lecturer
Office: 1445 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5156

Kant, Ethics, Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Spinoza and Thoreau.


Omar Dahbour
Office: 1418A Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5084

International ethics (sovereignty, global justice), ethics of war and violence, philosophy of history

Other teaching interests: political philosophy, late modern philosophy (Hegel, Marx), Marxist and critical theory

Justin Garson
Professor and Chair
Office: 1417 Hunter West

History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychiatry


Carol C. Gould
Distinguished Professor
Office: 1420 Hunter West
Phone: 212-396-6502

Political Theory, Social Philosophy, Theories of Democracy, International Ethics, Philosophy and Public Policy

null Daniel Harris
Assistant Professor
Office: 1446 Hunter West

Philosophy of Language (speech acts, semantics, pragmatics), History of Analytic Philosophy

Other teaching interests: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Logic, Business Ethics

Laura Keating
Associate Professor
Office: 1418 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-4972

Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Perception

Other teaching interests: Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Science


Frank M. Kirkland
Associate Professor
Office: 1413A Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5080

Kant, Hegel, 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, and Africana Philosophy


Steven Ross
Office: 1416 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-5082

Moral Philosophy, Moral Realism, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy

Other Teaching Interests: Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, Issues in Law and Public Policy

Sandra Shapshay Sandra Shapshay
Philosophy Department
Office: 1415 Hunter West

Aesthetics, 19th c. Philosophy (especially Kant and Schopenhauer), History of Ethics

Yuna Won
Doctoral Lecturer
Office: 1434 Hunter West
Phone: 212-772-4271

Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language and Metaethics

Douglas Shepardson
Assistant Professor
Office: 1447 Hunter West

Ancient Philosophy, Epistemology, Early Modern (17th and 18th Centuries), Early Medieval/Patristics (especially Christian Platonism), Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind

Kyle Ferguson
Assistant Professor
Office: 1446 Hunter West

Ethics, Bioethics, Environmental Ethics


Professors Emerita are faculty who are still scholarly active in the field, though they no longer teach in the department.


Journals Edited by Faculty

Journal of Social Philosophy, edited by Professor Carol C. Gould

The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, co-edited by Professor Sandra Shapshay