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PhD., Penn State University, Clinical Psychology

Department of Psychology
Hunter College, Room 734 North
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065
Tel: 212-772-4477



Current Areas of Research

Dr. Behar's research seeks to enhance the understanding and treatment of a variety of anxiety and related disorders. Although most of her work has focused on the affective, behavioral, cognitive, interpersonal, and physiological nature of generalized anxiety disorder, she also examines these elements in panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, insomnia, and other syndromes. Beyond these diagnostic entities, Dr. Behar's work strongly focuses on the experience of repetitive negative thinking as a transdiagnostic process. Finally, across all of these domains, Dr. Behar is committed to the development of interventions to reduce unwanted symptoms; she conducts psychotherapy outcome and process research utilizing scientifically rigorous methodological approaches to investigate the causal mechanisms of change within a variety of interventions.