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Mission Statement

The Mary P. Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center is a comprehensive facility designed to support the teaching and learning of mathematics and statistics.


  • It is a Resource Center providing computer assisted tutorials, multi-media materials and videotapes for students enrolled in all math/stat courses in the Department, students enrolled in other courses in the College needing a review of mathematics, and students studying for standardized exams such as the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, LAST and Nursing Exams.
  • It is a Tutoring Center for most math courses and the basic stat distribution course and offers problem sessions (critical thinking sessions) for 6 of the 100-level courses.  The Center also sponsors study groups for all areas of mathematics through MATH 311 (Abstract Algebra) and STAT 213 (Introduction to Applied Statistics).  In addition, the Center provides the trained tutors for the in-class component of MATH 101.
  • It is the home base for the Pre-101, COMPASS, and OSS workshops.  The pre-101 workshop enrolls approximately 200 students each semester and is taught using multi-media materials with tutors present.  The COMPASS workshop is a classroom-based workshop usually taught during January and the summer.  The OSS workshop is a pilot program offered this year for students who are “of promise” but not CUNY proficient.
  • It is a Classroom and Classroom extension for mathematics education courses, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics and other upper-level courses, allowing instructors to conduct in-class demonstrations and explorations of mathematical and statistical concepts, via technology.  
  • It is the site of development and implementation for specialized programs and workshops in mathematics.  These include Content-Based Study Skills, Multi-media Courses, Critical-Thinking Problem Sessions, Reviews for Placement Exams and SEEK support.