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Mathematics is not an isolated subject area.  In fact, if you think of any subject long enough you will think of a math concept that shows up somewhere, whether it be history, political science, English, etc.  Sometimes, we know how to use the concept in a math class but have difficulty connecting these concepts to our other courses.  To help you make the connections between math and particular subject areas, we have created PowerPoint presentations illustrating these connections with accompanying practice problems and solutions.  Simply click on the links below to view the materials. 

Have another topic that you are having difficulty making the connection?  Email us at and we will develop additional materials for you.

Topic Presentations

Linear Equations in Medical Professions, Chemistry, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Physics and Everyday Life Practice Problems
& Solution Sheet
Making The Connection Between Linear and Literal Equations with Examples From Nursing, Economics, Physics, and Everyday Life
Practice Problems
& Solution Sheet
Using Ratios and Proportions in Geography, Nursing, Medical and Science Professions Practice Problems
& Solution Sheet
Interpreting Tables, Charts, and Graphs with Examples from History, Economics, Education, Psychology, Urban Affairs and Evryday Life Practice Problems
& Solution Sheet
Solving Systems of Equations with Applications to Economics, Chemistry, Education and Psychology Practice problems
& Solution Sheet
Verbal Problems Across the Curriculum Practice Problems
& Solution Sheet


Other Workshops are given in the Mary P. Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center in the Hunter College Library on the 7th Floor.