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Department Overview

Located in the heart of Manhattan, at 68th Street and Lexington Avenue, the Department of English offers courses in British and American literature, composition and rhetoric, language and linguistics and creative writing to students at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  We serve the college with Freshman Expository Writing and Introduction to Writing About Literature as well as with courses that fulfill GER and Pathways requirements, teaching approximately 6,000 Hunter students each semester.

Our 1,200 English majors and over 200 graduate students benefit from an intellectual vision that embraces courses and research in current, innovative, interdisciplinary, traditional and evolving fields taught by part-time and full-time faculty who are experts in their fields.  The Department prides itself on a philosophy that advocates reading and writing from multiple perspectives, so that students are exposed to as many interpretive approaches as possible.  Literary theory, cultural studies, and close reading as well as composition and rhetoric, and linguistics and language studies exist comfortably alongside one another. 

As our course offerings focus from Chaucer to Toni Morrison and from the History of the English Language to Rhetorical Principles of Expository Writing show, we teach from diverse theoretical, cultural, rhetorical and textual perspectives.  We teach everything considered "canonical" and we also teach courses considered "non-canonical" or "non-traditional," and, in fact, we pride ourselves on the importance we assign to this balance. The Department is interdisciplinary in its offerings, with a diverse faculty whose areas of research and approaches to teaching offer Hunter students a wide spectrum of historical, post-modern, theoretical, textual, and socio-cultural approaches to literary study, rhetoric and composition, linguistics and language, and creative writing.


You're Invited to Join the English Department Majors Club

Dear Students:

The English Majors Club is run by English majors for English majors and meets every week. You can contact the club at, look them up on facebook (, or attend one of their meetings on Wednesday afternoons between 1-3 in HW1222.

You can meet current English majors and talk about life as an English major, including our five different major concentrations (in creative writing; linguistics and rhetoric; literature, language and criticism; and two in English and education).

The English Majors Club is seeking nominations for officer positions next year!

Here is the information regarding nominations, available positions, and words of advice. Read carefully!


- You may nominate yourself and/or someone else from now until April 26th, Sunday at 11:59 PM. Please allow us time to review nominations.

You must send us your nomination and statements through our email address ( Subject line should read: "EMC Elections: [First and Last Name of Nominee]"

Please include in the email
1) intended position(s) -- See below!
2) platform (plans for the club, if elected)
3) credentials (experience you have that exhibits leadership, organizational skills, involvement in other clubs, etc.).

*Nominees are encouraged to attend the Literary Salon on April 29th, Wednesday at 12-3PM, in room TH 105 and introduce themselves! Show your faces, say hi and other nice things; people might remember you when they are voting!

E-Board Positions:

President -- Sets the agenda for weekly meetings and events, consults with club officers on plans and ideas for the club, and communicates with club advisors and English department on club activities and student concerns.

Vice President -- Takes on the responsibilities and obligations of the President (if the President is unable to fulfill his/her duty for a valid reason) and communicates with the President on matters concerning the club.

Secretary -- Records minutes at weekly meetings, sends out a copy of the minutes to the club, and disperses information to club members on upcoming meetings and events.

Treasurer -- Manages and maintains the club's budget, keeps track of club expenditures, and handles and signs-off paperwork for reimbursements and other monetary transactions.

Other Positions:

Public Outreach -- Reaches out to people outside of the club on upcoming events through tabling and social media.

Events Coordinator -- Handles logistics of club events (catering, guest speakers, advertising, etc.).

Words of Advice:

It's important to note that each position is equally important! Every person has a responsibility to fulfill, in order for a club to run effectively. Please consider:

- Communication is top priority. That means, everyone should be on the same page, no matter how small the detail. Each person is allowed to voice his or her opinion and ideas, and everyone must listen. Therefore, find whatever means necessary to communicate with everyone (email, text, in-person, Skype, etc.). The more you talk to the people involved, the more you will be comfortable discussing ideas!

- Running a club, no matter what position you hold, is a big responsibility. Keep in mind of what your schedule will look like for next semester! Things are bound to come up unexpectedly (i.e., a family emergency, an internship, a new job, etc.), which is understandable. Whatever may happen, remember to inform other people about it because they will be able to help you out!

- If you feel that there is an issue (i.e., miscommunication, concerns about performing duties, concerns with other members, etc.), talk to the club advisor or a club officer about it. An issue can only be resolved if you ask for help!

We hope you will consider running for next year! Any questions or concerns, contact us! Good luck!

Anjelica Enaje, President

Medina Beqiri, Vice President

Sally Mizrachi, Secretary

Kathlene Molina, Treasurer

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