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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning in fall semester, the following courses are changing number: ENGL 338 Survey of British and Irish Literature: Early Texts to 1800 will become ENGL 304. ENGL 395 Survey of American Literature: From Origins to the Civil War become ENGL 307. ENGL 331 The Structure of Modern English will become ENGL 280. ENGL 300 Introduction to Creative Writing will become ENGL 285. ENGL 301 will be renamed to Composition Theory and Practice. ENGL 306 will be renamed to Introduction to Literary Theory. ENGL 484 will renamed to Advanced Seminar in Creative Writing. ENGL 490 will be renamed to Advanced Seminar in Literature and Criticism. ENGL 343 Topics in Composition is a new course. ENGL 492 Advanced Seminar in Linguistics and/or Rhetoric is a new course. Nothing about the courses is changing except the number. If you have already taken any of them, your credits will·not·be affected by the number changes.

Welcome to the Department of English at Hunter College, a vibrant and diverse place of learning befitting one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world.

Our department offers undergraduate and graduate courses in British, American, postcolonial and global literatures; literary theory and criticism; rhetoric, composition and linguistics; and creative writing.

Our faculty members study a range of forms—poetry, novels, theatre, and other genres and media—exploring the social and cultural frameworks within which such expressive practices take shape. Faculty expertise spans from the Medieval period to the present, including literature from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Many of our scholars work on diasporic, transnational and/or global literatures; others focus on questions of social class, gender, and racial difference; and several focus on digital humanities and other interdisciplinary theoretical approaches to literature, linguistics, and rhetoric. The department also features award winning, nationally recognized creative writers of novels, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Our students, who come from all over the world, take seminars that are intimate and participatory, usually with fewer than twenty-five students. The department serves the college by offering Expository Writing, Introduction to Writing about Literature and other courses that fulfill Hunter's core curriculum. Upper-level English department classes develop students' interpretation and critical thinking and writing skills, and help prepare them for graduate studies in English and related fields in the humanities, as well as careers in the fields of media, law, education, journalism, politics, and others in which open-mindedness, empathy, intellectual rigor and clarity of expression are valued.

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