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Administration and Staff

Main Phone Number: 212-481-7596

Gail C. McCain, PhD, RN, FAAN

Joan Hansen Grabe Dean and Professor
Room W530, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7140
Fax: 212-481-8237


Barbara Ravida, MSN, RNC, CCRN, CNS, ANP-BC
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Room W503, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-7598
Fax: 212-481-5070


Cheryl Zauderer, PhD, PMHNP-BC, CNM, IBCLC
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Room W506, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7147


Elizabeth Cohn, PhD, RN, NP, FAAN
Interim Associate Dean for Research
Room W622, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7202


Alexandra Plavskin, PhD, RN
Assistant Dean for Academic Operations
Room W521, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-1011




Administrative Offices

Joan Hernandez
Administrative Director
Room W515, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7145
Fax: 212-481-8237


Carol Davis
School Secretary
Room W522, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-7598
Fax: 212-481-5070


Vanessa Hernandez
Office Assistant
Room W500, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7148


Zinnia J. Rodriguez
Assistant to the Dean
Room W528, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7151
Fax: 212-481-8237


Luis Rosa
Purchasing & Contracts Manager
Room W421, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-4334


Undergraduate Programs

Henrietta Jones
Administrator, Undergraduate Programs
Room W501, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7204


Katherine Plummer
Undergraduate Clinical Placement Specialist
Room W526, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7203


Maria Luisa Mendoza
Coordinator of Student & Alumni Activities and Community Outreach
Pre-Nursing Academic Advisor
Room W607, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-4773
Fax: 212-481-5078


Michael Akke
Academic Advisor, RN-to-BS Program
Room W426, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-4313


Justin Lokossou
Undergraduate Nursing Program Aide
Room W626, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-396-7181


Barbara Singletary
Student Advisor
Room W427, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-7574


Graduate Programs

Alicia Brown
Administrator, Graduate Programs
Room W508, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-4465
Fax: 212-481-5070


Tanit Lang-Michelson
Graduate Clinical Placement Manager
Room W525, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-4454


Shawn McGinniss, MSEd
Instructional Designer & Institutional Research Specialist
InPlace Administrator
Room W430A, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-7595


Health & Clinical Clearance

Karen Tejada, RN
Health Clearance Manager
Room W615, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-7585
Fax: 212-481-4487


Nursing Laboratory

Gail Buccellato
Chief College Laboratory Technician
Room W225, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-5162


Marvin Sanon
Senior College Laboratory Technician
Room W225, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-5162


Jeffrey Owens
Senior College Laboratory Technician
Room W225, Brookdale Campus
Tel: 212-481-5162


Documents & Forms

HBSON Faculty Handbook (PDF)

HBSON Adjunct Faculty Handbook (PDF)

Brookdale Room Reservation Request Form (PDF)


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