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A Letter from Hunter College President Ann Kirschner

Priority: Informational

March 7, 2024

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

We are all part of a remarkable academic partnership, and it is our shared responsibility to create an environment that reflects our core values.

I write today because I am deeply concerned about the level of civility, compassion, and mutual respect at Hunter College. All too often in the past few months, we have not had enough of these essential hallmarks of a college community.

I’m thinking of our campus motto — the Care of the Future is Mine. We build that future piece by piece, today and every day. We define it with our actions and we express it with our words. What kind of a future are we building for the Hunter College community?

Last week, individuals and groups from numerous organizations exercising their right of free speech directly outside our west building engaged in speech that many found offensive, hurtful, and replete with accusations against members of Hunter College’s Jewish community, including students and staff who are associated with the organization Hillel. There have also been disturbing comments on social media posts that call for potential harm against those demonstrating.

Hunter College is committed to free and open discussion about even the most intractable questions of the day, but we are also committed to the safety and well-being of all. As such, we condemn the targeting of community members based on perceived or actual identity, beliefs, or group affiliations. As a community, we must not accept threats, or harassment toward any individuals or specific groups.

This applies equally to students, staff, and faculty regardless of background. All campus community members are required to adhere to applicable University Policies and By-Laws, including Article XV (governing student conduct), CUNY Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy and the Henderson Rules. Anyone who disregards these policies will be subject to disciplinary action.

We urge anyone needing support to take advantage of our resources. Students can find information about these services on Hunter’s Counseling and Wellness website. Employees may contact the CUNY Employee Wellness Program.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to these values and to each other.


Ann Kirschner
Hunter College