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Children learn through play, because it is their language and their work. In dealing with the whole child as an individual, the five essential elements of development—physical, social, emotional, creative, and cognitive—are incorporated into the daily curriculum.


Gross motor development is important because children need ample opportunities to use their large muscles, which enable the much-needed movements for normal growth. Fine motor skills are important for eye/hand coordination and visual perception. These are necessary for the complex challenges of writing and reading.


Children learn to get along with others through identification and modeling. They learn generosity, cooperation, compromise, friendship, respect, and the value of using words in place of aggressive behavior.


We nurture children’s emotional growth by creating as many opportunities as possible for them to express themselves. Our setting is supportive, consistent, and trusting, which helps children develop their sense of autonomy and initiative. In this environment they learn to deal with their feelings in appropriate ways.


Creativity is a valuable tool, used to increase the child’s feelings of self-esteem and to facilitate self-expression. We emphasize the process rather than the product. A child who creates is a child who imagines.


We encourage the child’s sense of wonder and curiosity while keeping cognitive learning a source of genuine pleasure. The various activities develop the skills necessary for discovering the essence of math and the joy of reading.

At The Children’s Learning Center, our goal is to help children experience positive development, to become independent, and to function in society. Working together with their parents, we create a familiar atmosphere that contributes to their growth and development as conscientious citizens for tomorrow’s world.





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