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How do I create a new folder or orgfolder?

Folders and orgfolders are container objects which can hold other items. Container objects should be used to organize your content and divide your website up into easy-to-navigate chunks. 

Orgfolders are different than regular folders because they contain their own pressroom and repository. Orgfolders are typically used to create a mini-site within your department's subsite. For example, a departmental committee with lots of images or files may want their own orgfolder within the department's website. Or, faculty members may want their own orgfolders as a place to upload their publications and resumes.

The process to create a new folder or orgfolder is as follows:

  1. Navigate to the location in your subsite where you want to create the new folder. (This could be at the top-level of your subsite, or within another folder.)
  2. Click on add new... in the green toolbar, then select folder or orgfolder.

    Create Folder (1)

    Create Folder (2)

  3. You'll be brought to the Add Folder or Add Orgfolder page (depending on which object you're creating). In this example, we're creating a regular folder.
  4. Give your new folder a title and description (optional).

    Create Folder (3)

  5. For additional options, click on the Advanced button near the top of the page.

    Advanced Button

    Here, you can set a publishing date (which determines when your folder will appear on your site) and expiration date (after which your folder will no longer be visible on your site), as well as categorize your content and enable next/previous navigation.

    Create Folder (4)

  6. When you're done, remember to click Save near the bottom of the editing screen. (If you wish to discard the folder, click Cancel.)

    Click Save



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