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Academic Skills

Learn English for Work, Study and Success!

Hours per Week Total Hours Tuition # of Weeks Saving
18 72 $1,200 4-W
18 144 $2,100 8-W $300
18 216 $3,050* 12-W $550
18 288 $3,900** 16-W $900

Big Saving: Our Program is based on 8 weeks per semester. The more week you register for, the more $$ you will save

Academic Skills Program 18 hours per week:

The Academic Skills Program’s supportive and challenging environment provides intensive English instruction in the skills required for success in American colleges or graduate programs. This program is ideal for anyone whose goal is to apply to an English-language university. Academic Skills classes run in 8 week semesters and have 8 levels. Upon successful completion of one semester, students can move up to the following level. Each level in the Academic Skills Program consists of courses in Grammar, Academic Writing, Academic Reading, and Oral Skills.

Duration: 8-week Daytime 144 hours
4-week Daytime 72 hours
Requirement: Must take a placement test
Schedule: Daytime: 8:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday
Please check Academic Calendar
Tuition: 8 week Daytime $2,100
4 week Daytime $1,200
4-week: Students can take the Academic Skills Program as a 4-Week
Program for a short-term, intensive course of study. Students
begin in week 1 or week 5 of the semester.
Note: Students who complete level 8 of the program and score a
10 on the Departmental Exam can waive the TOEFL score
when applying to any CUNY undergraduate program except Baruch.
4 week Daytime

Academic Skills Program 9 Hours per week:
Do you need better English for work? For future study? For your social life?
If you are preparing to enter university or graduate school, living and working in New York, or if you are planning to visit New York for a short time, we can help you develop fluency, accuracy and confidence in using English.

8-week Daytime 72 hours
Take a placement test

Please check Academic Calendar
Daytime $1,200
* First 8-week tuition $2,100, Second 4-week tuition $950
** First 8-week tuition $2,100, Second 8-week tuition $1,800
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