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New I-20

This is for new students who are currently planning to apply for a student F-1 visa in their home country before traveling to the United States to study. All international students wishing to study English in the United States must apply for an I-20 form in order to obtain a student visa.


Here you will find information for International students seeking I-20s and complete the necessary forms following the instructions below.

1. Complete the Online application form.

2. Upon completion of the online application form, a link for payment will be emailed in 2-3 business days. The full payment of $2,325 ($2,100 tuition, $175 application fee, $25 registration fee, and $25 placement test fee) must be made to obtain an I-20 from us. *see tuition information here

3. Original Financial Documents - Bank statement in English with a minimum balance of $22,500 in the account (can be emailed in PDF). (An additional $8,000 must be added to this amount for a spouse or $8,000 for a child for dependent status)

** If someone else is your financial sponsor (can be emailed in PDF)

  • Sponsor’s Bank Statement or Bank Letter in English with a minimum balance of $22,500 
  • Affidavit of Support Form 
  • Proof of income (Pay stub, W2, Job letter, Income Tax Return, etc..)

 Note: Applications will not be processed until all documents listed above are received and an I-20 will be issued and emailed in 1 week.

The U.S. department of Homeland Security allows I-20s to be signed and distributed electronically and all U.S. government agencies accept the digitally signed I-20s for all purposes. The electronic copy of the signed I-20 will be accepted for student visa appointment, you can print the signed I-20 copy out to carry to your student visa appointment. You can also use it to enter the U.S. if your student visa application is approved.

Please contact the IELI international student office at if you have any questions.

Applicant must be 17 years or older.


Once you receive your I-20 form, be sure to have all the information and documentation required by the embassy or consulate at the time of the interview and contact the embassy or consulate of the United States in your country.

Students can now apply for visas 1 year before the program start date (previously only 120 days)

New students are allowed to enter the U.S. up to 30 days before the program start date.

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