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Leo Taub Scholarship

The Leo Taub Scholarship is offered by the International English Language Institute. This scholarship, for up to $500, is offered to students who register for a full-time academic program during the upcoming Summer 2024 term, between May 28, 2024 and July 26, 2024.

Deadline for Summer: May 13, 2024
Click here for the application form.


  • A student must be registered for an eight-week academic program (full-time, 18 academic hours per week).
  • Write an essay about yourself, and why are you applying for this scholarship.
  • This scholarship is given for one IELI semester only. If the student would like to continue for the following semester, they should anticipate paying full tuition for that semester.
  • Student must show verification of income (F-1 international students, please disregard):
  1. Your most recent 1040A tax return form (no W-2s)
  2. Notarized letter from employer verifying income (with company letterhead)
  3. Proof of any unemployment benefits or Social Security Benefits

Please black out any Social Security number on your documents.

The winning applicants will take a placement test, at no cost, to determine their English language level. The full tuition fee for an eight-week, full-time semester is $2,100. The scholarship amount will be for up to $500. For example, if a student receives the full amount of $500, that student will pay $1,600 for the upcoming semester. A student can only apply for the scholarship once.

Personal Statement:

Please let us know why you believe you should receive the Leo Taub Scholarship. Please let us know about your reasons for wishing to learn the English language, how you go about doing so outside of the classroom, if at all, and any progress you might recently have made. Please let us know about any financial hardship you may be experiencing, and any circumstances relevant to it, such as your family situation, personal history, job history, etc. If there are any additional reasons why you believe you should receive the scholarship, please let us know.

Please prepare a two-page personal statement. Your statement format is: typed with one inch margins, top, bottom and sides; name in the top right-hand corner; Times New Roman font; 12 point; double-spaced; two pages maximum.

Click here for the application form.

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