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Phi Sigma Tau - Jazz, Performance, Discussion - November 2014

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It is for a jazz performance and discussion this Wednesday, November 12, 2:45-4:10 in the 8th Floor Faculty Lounge in Hunter West. This has been organized by Philosophy, Politics, and Society major Dashiell Feiler and sponsored by Phi Sigma Tau. Some planned topics for discussion are listed below. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome! Points for consideration:

  1. Debate surrounds what the term 'jazz' signifies. Due to standards for spontaneous improvisation and technical innovation, often so-called jazz artists deliberately stray from what are thought to be essential elements for the genre.
  2. Some claim that jazz music can somehow communicate, without words, the experiences of peoples throughout history.
  3. To what degree do you hear in the music either the performer or a pre-existing framework for creating music? As a culture valuing the individual expression involved with creative skill as well as being an art-form supposedly capable of communicating human experience, original jazz performance seems to represent the reciprocal influence of history and the individual through an emotionally compelling sound.
  4. Does jazz give meaning to people's lives?
  5. Are all jazz performers 'artists'?