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Codes & Resources

Electric field Monte Carlo 

NEW: Electric field Monte Carlo package (EMC) version 0.6 can be found here. A brief introduction to EMC is given in README.txt included in the package. Please study the example deplength.cpp included in the package carefully. This simple example demonstrates the basic usage of EMC package. Two other examples are also included which were presented in the EMC paper.

Latex Resources

Address Comment
Tex Catalog The best online resources for tex, latex, with search engines, FAQs, Guides, and even a link to lyx.
TUG homepage TeX Users Group Home Page
Nelson Beebe's homepage bibliography collection and tools, HTML and SGML tools, tex, and more
bibtex2html generate HTML from bibtex
bibtool by Gerd Neugebauer A Tool for Manipulating BibTeX Data Bases
bibindex and biblook A pair of indexing and searching utilities written in C
flatex A C program to flatten a LaTeX file into a single file, by explicitly including the files inclued by \include and \input commands. Also, if BibTeX is being used, then includes the bbl file into the resulting file. Thus, creating a stand alone LaTeX file that can be emailed to someone else.

Sync Working Files across Computers

  • fsync: a sync program written in perl
  • rsync: a replacement for rcp that has many more features
  • unison: the best choice for synchronization


Miscellaneous Codes

Some miscellaneous codes written by me can be found here.

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