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Admissions Process

The DPT program begins each June. The application deadline is November 1st, and a Hunter College Graduate Admissions application is required. This online application becomes available approximately August 15th. We are not participating in PTCAS.  This limits the number of applicants to those seriously interested in our program.  (However, we still receive approximately 300 applicants per year).

Click here for a link to the Hunter College Graduate Application.  We do not require official transcripts as part of the initial application process.  It is preferred that you submit electronically either a student copy of all your transcripts or a scanned PDF file of an official transcript from each college attended.  The instructions are below: 

The unofficial scanned copies of the applicants’ transcripts need to be submitted through the online system. In the online application system applicants are asked to list every college they have attended. After each college there is an Upload button through which applicants need to upload their scanned transcript for that school. This is what it looks like:

 Click here for Image from Application Page if it does not appear below

This year, if you already have printed letters of recommendation, you may submit them.  We prefer electronically generated recommendation forms.  You should also submit your clinical experience forms directly to the Hunter College DPT Program office.   Be sure to read the guidelines describing what experience you need to meet this very important requirement! The clinical experience form can be downloaded here. Each application must use our Applicant Checklist to assist them in meeting our admissions requirements. We also request that you send in to the PT Program (via email to Robert Biondi)  or the USPS a completed copy of the Applicant Checklist.  We also suggest you consider coming in for one of our informational sessions in which the most updated information will be available. Upcoming dates are posted on this page.

We will begin review of applications in mid-November. Documents submitted by eligible applicants will be reviewed for clinical experience and other relevant experience in health care to identify those eligible for interviews. Transcripts from all attended colleges or universities must also be received by this date. A listing of all eligible applicants is generated by the Physical Therapy faculty during this review process. An interview is required with faculty of the Hunter College Physical Therapy Program and at the time of the interview, a personal essay will be required. The topic for this essay will be given to the applicant upon arrival. Subsequent to the interviews, a standardized scoring form will be used to evaluate each applicant, based on GPA, GRE and TOEFL scores, clinical experience, essay quality, and interview scores. Applicants missing important documentation such as clinical experience or transcripts will not be considered for interviews.  Late arrival of documents may therefore result in rejection. 

Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program, which is based, by necessity, on the limitations of space and resources. The Hunter College Physical Therapy Program is dedicated to equal opportunity for all applicants who meet admission requirements.

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