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How To Apply

You can access the application online at: website.  The link to the DPT program application is under the "Fall" semester tab.  There is no tab for programs that begin in the Summer.  We are the only program that begins in the summer.

The online application becomes available approximately August 15th. Apply early!


Use and fill in the Applicant Checklist to guide you in keeping track of meeting our requirements. We also require applicants to enter this information in the online application.  We suggest you read through our frequently asked questions before submitting your application.

Common mistakes made by applicants:

  1. Not reading all the requirements for the clinical experience. At least 50 hours must be in a hospital or rehabilitation setting. The deadline for completing all 100 hours of the required clinical experience is November 1st. This serves as forced counseling to be sure you understand what the profession is! 
  2. All course prerequisites, including earning a bachelor’s degree, must be completed before June 1st (of the year you wish to enroll).
  3. If your undergraduate degree does not include many sciences and is not a Bachelor of Science, but a BA, BFA, or business degree, you must have completed most, and preferably all, of the science prerequisites by the Fall semester before the program begins. We strongly judge your academic ability in the sciences, and require these grades to determine eligibility for an interview.
  4. Not submitting all required documents before the deadline for applying. Incomplete application packets will result in you not being called in for an interview and if still incomplete a month after the deadline, you will be rejected.  The clinical experience must be completed to be considered for an interview.
  5. Cumulative GPA should be at or above 3.30 to be seriously considered, with a science GPA above 3.2. We do examine the transcripts of every applicant, but to be competitive, GPA’s that are weaker are less competitive due to the high number of qualified applicants.
  6. The GRE is required and scores must be forwarded to the Hunter College Graduate Admissions Office. The Hunter College code number for the GRE's is 2301.  GRE scores are acceptable if taken in the past five (5) years and only if the applicant has the original score report that was sent by the Educational Testing Service.
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