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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the DPT?

The DPT is the preferred entry-level degree for all physical therapists. It is a clinical degree, like those awarded to  podiatrists and dentists. The American Physical Therapy Association would like more physical therapists to have clinical doctorate degrees and various PT programs have different focuses within their curriculum. Before applying to our program, compare the overall curriculum and program structure of each school in which you are interested. The degree granted upon graduation is determined by the institution, not the curriculum. Starting salaries are about the same for all entry-level physical therapists, regardless of degree. Hiring of entry-level physical therapists is based on the individual, letters of recommendation and the school they attended; not necessarily the degree earned.

2. How much does tuition cost?  (Updated January, 2020)

The most current information is based upon the CUNY Board of Trustees (BoT) who determines tuition for all CUNY colleges. Tuition is based upon resident status.  The currently enrolled students will progress though the DPT Program at their current DPT tuition rates. 

Tuition is revised by a small percentage each academic year for all students based upon a plan approved by NYS.  This replaced a stable tuition for a few years followed by dramatic increases.  All tuition rates are subject to change and are for estimation only.  Go to the Hunter College Graduate Catalog Tuition and Fees schedule for more details.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Resident Full time per semester $6,595

Doctor of Physical Therapy Resident Part time per credit $685

Doctor of Physical Therapy Non-resident per credit $1,075

3. Am I eligible for financial aid?

Once you are accepted into The DPT Program at Hunter College, you may contact the financial aid office at Hunter College, where detailed information is available. Hunter College participates in all New York State and Federal financial aid programs. Applicants seeking financial aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the upcoming academic year as soon as possible after January 1st in the year you are seeking admission. Be sure to indicate the Hunter College ID code (TBA) on your application.  The PT Program does not offer scholarships.  Our scholarship is equal to all NYS residents, which is our in-state tuition.  Non-residents may become eligible for the NYS Resident rate after following the guidelines for establishing residency within NYS.

The Physical Therapy program does hire students approved for Federal Work-Study. However, scholarships are not available at this time.  Students must follow all instructions and sign the required promissory note before funds can be released.  The Financial Aid Office will not complete its verification of aid to incoming students until after registration for the first summer of the program has been processed.

4. Is housing available?

Housing is not available on the Brookdale Campus, where the Physical Therapy Program is located.  However, you should contact the Residence LIfe office of Hunter College (481-4310) or their website  the Residence Life website for assistance with locating housing.

5. What scores must I have on the GRE and the TOEFL?

Applicants who do not have a degree from an English-speaking country must obtain a passing grade on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). We also require the GRE, but do not have a specific cutoff score. We use these scores, coupled with all application documents, to determine admission.

6A. What percentage of DPT students pass the National Physical Therapy (licensure) examination?

Graduates of the Hunter College DPT curriculum consistently performed at or above the national average for passing the examination required for licensure. The Class of 2019 earned a 87.5% First Time Passing Rate and 96.9% ultimate pass rate. Recently received data on graduates of our DPT is provided by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy twice a year. Click here to download a summary page of our most recent graduates' performance. 

6B. What are your graduation rates, employment rates and ultimate licensure exam passing rates?

Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022 2020-2022 average
Initial Class Size 32
32 32 32
% Graduates 96.9%
91% 96.9% 95%
Employed 6 months post graduation*
100% 100%
Ultimate Licensure Exam pass rate 100%
100% 100%

* all graduates who have chosen to seek employment at this time are employed.

7. What is the environment like for students?

Our educational environment is one of the many positive aspects of our Program. Students work together and develop relationships that often last years after graduation.  Enrollment in the Program is capped at 28 students to ensure a high faculty to student ratio. Our classrooms are large enough to accommodate all students comfortably. Our two main classrooms have chairs in the front of the room and treatment tables in the rear. In this way, courses that include both lectures and laboratories are held within the same room, avoiding the necessity of going back and forth between separate classrooms.  We have two faculty members assigned to each course that includes a laboratory component.  You may download a floor plan of the physical therapy program here.

8. What kind of resources are available to students?

All DPT students have access to resources available at the Hunter's Brookdale Campus and Hunter's main campus on 68th Street. The Brookdale campus has a Health Professions Library, the Health Professions Education Center, and various computer labs, including one that is adjacent to the Physical Therapy Program. The PT Program classrooms and area all have wireless internet access.

9. I’m a licensed physical therapist. Do you have a post-professional DPT program?

The Hunter College Physical Therapy program is an entry-level, full-time DPT curriculum.  It is not a post-professional (transitional) DPT program for physical therapists who have entered the profession with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.  We do not provide a post-professional DPT program or part-time enrollment.

10. I'm an international student. What do I need to know about applying to the PT program?

Translations and evaluation of transcripts from colleges outside the U. S. must be completed early in the application process. The Graduate Admissions Office at Hunter College compiles the documents and issues the I–20 form. Please refer to the graduate catalog or graduate application for more detailed information.  International students should first contact the Hunter College Graduate Admissions Office to determine if they have a Bachelor's degree equivalent to a Hunter College degree.  If your degree from another country is deemed equivalent, you may then contact the DPT Program for guidance on our prerequisite and other admissions requirements.  (A Bachelor's degree (BA, BS, BFA etc), coupled with our prerequisites, is a minimum requirement to be eligible for admission.

11. What if I'm a foreign-trained Physical Therapist?

If you are qualified to work as a physical therapist in another country, you may not need to apply to our program. Contact the New York State Board of Physical Therapy to determine if your education allows you to take the National Physical Therapy Examination.  For more information on licensure requirements in New York State, use this link (

The Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT) provides a service that assists foreign applicants whose educational credentials have not been found to be equivalent to the first professional degree in physical therapy in the United States. You can contact the commission for additional information at: FCCPT, 124 West Street South, 3rd Floor, Alexandria, VA  22314 or by phone at 703-684-8406.    The Managing Director of the FCCPT recommends you visit their website (FCCPT) and read carefully the General info section “Where do I start?” , then follow to determine what primary service(s) you need and read the “Overview of steps to follow”  for that service.  Effective January 1, 2017, the FSBPT has developed a "Coursework Tool for Foreign Educated Physical Therapists" as a guideline for eligibility for licensure.  This copy is provided to assist the reader only and is no guarantee of eligibility.  FSBPT Coursework Tool for Foreign Educated Physical Therapists.

If you are told you need additional coursework or supervised clinical experience in order to be qualified to take the National PT licensing examination, The FCCPT has a Planned Learning and Assistance Network (PLAN) of PT Programs that will assist you in meeting those requirements.  Hunter College does not have a mechanism for admitting part time students to complete this requirement.

Issues regarding foreign trained physical therapists applying for New York State licensure:

If someone has earned a degree in Physical Therapy in another country, the curriculum must be deemed equivalent to the education offered in the US.  If coursework is missing, it must be completed at an accredited physical therapy program and approved by the NYS Department of Education.  If clinical internships (supervised clinical affiliations) are lacking hours, these hours must be completed under the supervision of an accredited PT program in the US.  What some countries call physical therapy is the equivalent to physical therapist assistant work in the US.  

In August, 2011, the Governor signed Chapter 410 of the Laws of 2011 which established the entry level degree for a license as a physical therapist at the master’s level or higher in physical therapy or the equivalent. Applicants for licensure as a physical therapist will have to meet the new standard of a master’s degree or higher beginning August 17, 2012.

If you wish to become a licensed physical therapist in the U.S., you must apply to an accredited physical therapy program. The DPT Program at Hunter College will require you to apply to and complete our entire curriculum. We do not waive courses from other colleges or universities. You must also complete 100 hours of clinical experience in the United States, Canada, Australia, or England.

12. Do you offer informational Open House events? When is the next event scheduled?

The Program Director holds informational sessions often during each semester. Each session covers the program, the prerequisites, and the admissions process, and will answer any other questions you may have regarding entry into the Hunter College DPT Program. For more information about our next open house, please refer to Events on this page.

13. Where do I submit my application and transcripts?

The admissions process is self-managed and completed online. Applicants must compile all supporting documents (transcripts and letters of recommendation) and submit them electronically to the Graduate Admissions Office via the online application.   In addition to the postings on the Admissions pages of the DPT Program website, please also review the following page on the Graduate Admissions website:

Students should only contact this office if they wish to verify that submitted documents have been received.  To contact the Graduate Admissions Office, first preference is email to:     Second preference is telephone: 212-396-6049.

14. What do I need to do once I'm accepted?

Notification of acceptances will begin during the month of January. This process will continue until all interviews have been completed. Email may be used to initially notify applicants who are accepted into the Program. An orientation for incoming PT students is scheduled each Spring semester. You will be notified about this in a letter mailed by the PT program. You must reply to the Admissions Office confirming that you are accepting a seat in the PT Program. Additional information on housing, the curriculum, schedules, etc., will be provided during orientation. If you are completing your undergraduate degree during the Spring semester, you will not be able to get an official transcript with proof of degree before summer registration. Please have the Registrar Office of your undergraduate school fax a letter to the Admissions Office stating that you have met the requirements for graduation. The Admissions Office fax number is 212-396-6369.

15. What is the procedure for transferring credits?

Many students applying and admitted to our program have completed undergraduate coursework outside of The City University of New York. To determine whether or not a course you have taken or are planning to take will meet our prerequisite requirements, first ask your undergraduate advisor or course instructor if the course will typically transfer to a four year college. Be sure it will not transfer as elective credits, but as an equivalent course at a four year college. If you are taking a course at a two year CUNY college, a course equivalency guide is available. For more information, please review the Transferring Undergraduate Credits page of this site.

16. May I meet with an advisor?

The Information Sessions scheduled every semester are our main form of providing information and general questions.  Our website has information to answer 95% of your questions.  If you have specific question, please contact our secretary by email or phone (between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday – Friday) at 212-396-7103 with specific questions.

17. How often do faculty members make themselves available to students?

All of our faculty members have posted office hours and make themselves available and accessible. Faculty offices are located in the PT Program location at the Brookdale Campus. We have always received very positive feedback when asked about faculty accessibility, and exit surveys of our graduating students consistently indicate the ongoing support and availability of our faculty.

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