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Interview Process

Interviews are required as the final step for admission.

If you have transcripts, clinical experience forms, or other major documents missing, you will not be called for an interview.

Please note that the interview is a meaningful component of the admissions procedure, and therefore overall GPA is not the sole factor for acceptance. If you have questions regarding your qualifications, or need to speak with an advisor, please call the Physical Therapy office at (212) 396-7103 (new #) or email Applicants will be contacted by the Physical Therapy Program by email or USPS mail regarding scheduling of an interview.

Documents submitted by eligible applicants will be reviewed for clinical experience and other relevant experience in health care to identify those eligible for interviews. An interview is required with faculty of the Hunter College Physical Therapy Program and at the time of the interview, a personal essay will be required. The topic for this essay will be given to the applicant upon arrival. Subsequent to the interviews, a standardized scoring form will be used to evaluate each applicant based on GPA, GRE & TOEFL scores, clinical experience, essay quality, and interview scores.

Our interview process begins very soon after the deadline for applying.  We recommend you check your email and phone messages fairly often, since this is how we will initially contact you if we select you for an interview. We also suggest you check the PT home page for cancellations or postponements if snow is anticipated.

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