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Prerequisite Coursework

(The following information is recommended reading for international students and students who have studied abroad.)

Many students applying and admitted to our program have completed undergraduate coursework outside of The City University of New York. To determine whether or not a course you have taken or are planning to take will meet our prerequisite requirements, first ask your undergraduate advisor or course instructor if the course will typically transfer to a four year college. Be sure it will not transfer as elective credits, but as an equivalent course at a four year college. If you are taking a course at a two year CUNY college, a course equivalency guide is available.  This information is to determine if the prerequisite you are planning on taking will be acceptable as meeting this admissions requirement.  We will not consider undergraduate credit for transfer to any graduate program.

We will also accept a limited number of advanced placement (AP) courses from high school toward our prerequisite requirement. For this year, we will accept 2-3 AP courses, depending upon the subject matter of the course(s). We will not accept 3 AP courses that are all science-related. This policy is subject to change after this year, based upon our experience.  We will not accept online or distance learning science courses as meeting our prerequisite requirement.

College credits earned elsewhere may meet their graduation requirement, but may not necessarily be from an accredited institution. Be sure all coursework you've taken and your bachelor's degree, is from an accredited four year institution.

Recently, we have reviewed transcripts of students who have taken courses outside of the U.S. in institutions not accredited. These courses will not be accepted as equivalent to Hunter College courses, and will not be accepted as helping to meet the number of credits required for earning a bachelor's degree or as counting toward our prerequisites.  Even if another U.S. college accepts these credits, Hunter College will not. For example, if you have taken 30 credits abroad in a non-accredited institution, these credits will not be accepted by Hunter as meeting the minimum of 120 credits to have earned a bachelor's degree, even if you were granted a bachelor's degree by another college in the U.S. Be sure the credentials you are paying for are valid elsewhere.

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