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The Teacher Education Program (TEP) is not for individuals who already have initial or provisional certification in the teaching of French, Italian, or Spanish. Provisionally certified teachers should apply to the MA program in French, Italian, or Spanish. However, they may apply to the MA (TEP) program if they plan to be certified in a second Romance language.

Requirements for Admission

1. Degree. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution acceptable to Hunter College.

2. Languages. Proficiency in French, Italian,or Spanish. 

3. Major and GPA requirements. The equivalent of the Hunter College major in French, Italian, or Spanish with a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or better and an index of at least 3.0 in French, Italian, or Spanish. Students who have a 3.0 or better index in French, Italian, or Spanish courses, but whose cumulative GPA is below 2.8 may be considered for admission to nonmatriculant status. To be so admitted, applicants have to demonstrate strong verbal and analytical skills, by means of a proctored essay and a personal interview. Academically relevant data — such as scores obtained on the General Aptitude Test of the Graduate Record Exam, or on the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test of the NYS Teacher Certification Examination — may also be submitted in support of admission. See the School of Education section of this catalog for additional information on admission, progress standards, and exit criteria.

4. English Proficiency Requirement. English proficiency is required, including a satisfactory score on the TOEFL examination for students who have studied abroad.


A total of 43-45 credits, to be distributed as follows:

1. Romance Language Courses. Candidates must complete an approved program of study of at least 21 credits in literature courses in one of the following languages:

French: 21 credits in French and Francophone literature.

Italian: 21 credits in Italian literature.

Spanish: 18 credits in Spanish and Spanish-American literature.

2. Teacher Education Courses. A sequence of 22-24 credits in teacher education courses. See the School of Education section of the Graduate catalog for the required sequence of courses in education.

3. Certification. MA TEP candidates with initial certification in one field of Romance languages who wish to become certified in a second field will take 10-12 credits in education courses and student teaching/practicum, for a total of 31-33 credits in Romance languages and Education combined.

4. Students with provisional certification in one area of Romance languages who wish to become certified in another Romance language will take these 10-12 credits but may also be required to take additional courses based on transcript review.

5. Comprehensive Examination. A comprehensive examination in French, Italian, or Spanish is required. See the School of Education section of this catalog for requirements for graduation.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Professor Jenny Castillo to or see her office hours HERE.