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Spanish Minor

Minor in Spanish Cultures and Literatures  

The minor combines language, civilization, and literature courses that are taught entirely in Spanish. It consists of 15 credits distributed as follows.


-    Two language courses (6 credits): 

Above Span 202 (non-heritage speakers) or Span 208 (heritage speakers), at least one of which must be a 300-level course.

Recommended courses:

  • Span 211, Span 221 (prerequisite for Span 211 and 221: Span 202/208) 
  • Span 270
  • Span 311 (prerequisite: Span 211 or Span 270)

·         Span 312 (prerequisite: Span 311)


 One civilization course  (3 credits):

  • Span 335 Spanish Civilization or
  • Span 336 Latin American Civilization

            (prerequisite: Span 208 or Span 211)


-  Two literature courses (6 credits):

Spanish or Latin American literature. Recommended courses include:

  • Span 275 Readings in Modern Spanish Literature 
  • Span 276 Readings in Modern Latin American Literature. 

            (prerequisite for both: Span 202, 203, Span 208, or Span 211)


Alternatively, students may take 300-level Spanish and Latin American literature courses from the following list by special permission of advisor:

Span 341, Span 342, Span 343, Span 345, Span 346, Span 349, Span 350, Span 353, Span 355, Span 357, Span 358, Span 360, Span 362, Span 364, Span 365, Span 366, Span 367, Span 368, Span 370 and Span 371

Study abroad (Summer in Spain and Intersession in Argentina):

Students may use credits from the programs in Spain and Argentina up to a maximum of 6 credits. At least 9 credits of the minor must be completed at Hunter.


This course of study provides the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of Spanish beyond the basic language sequence and, at the same time, introduces students to the cultures and literatures of Spain or Latin America. Students will avail themselves of the concentration to pursue majors in the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as majors in the Sciences requiring culturally meaningful interactions with Spanish speakers.  A combination of any of these majors with a minor in Spanish Cultures and Literatures will broaden students' cultural and intellectual exposure, thus enhancing their overall knowledge. Also, a minor in Spanish Cultures and Literatures provides students with a significant advantage in today's labor market.

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