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Accelerated BSMS in Nutrition (IPND)


Accelerated BS-MS in Nutrition (IPND) - (149 cr)

The accelerated BS-MS allows students to complete both degrees within five vs six years, based on full-time study.

Admission to the competitive BS-MS is offered to 1-5 academically strong Hunter College NFS BS majors each year,

Hunter's BSMS accelerated program, is accredited by ACEND, 120 South Riverside Plaza, #2190, Chicago, IL 60606.

Completion of the the BSMS satisfies the academic and supervised practice requirements established by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), and qualifies graduates to sit for the RD exam leading to the Registered Dietician (RD) credential.

Eligibility Criteria & Protocol:

Nutrition faculty look for exceptional students demonstrating academic excellence, and who are self-motivated learners exhibiting initiative creativity and community engagement. Final decisions are made by the faculty and there are no appeals.  Criteria include:

  1. An overall GPA of 3.5 or higher from and completion of no more than 96 credits upon the second NFS course semester + BIOL 28000, Nutritional Biochemistry or other biochem course 3 credit minimum. Any biochem course will be accepted as one of the 8 requirement NFS-BS major electives (see the NFS-BS curriculum webpage.) Note: minimum of 3.5 GPA does not guarantee admission
  2. A BSMS application will be emailed qualified junior level NFS majors December of each academic year with decisions made by mid-January following the posting of Fall grades. Please inform your NFS faculty advisor if you are interested in the BSMS.
  3. BSMS applicants must be on the path to complete all Hunter & NFS BS major coursework by Summer of junior year to allow for graduate NUTR class registration Fall semester of the student's senior undergraduate year.
  4. If attending full-time, BSMS IPND students will complete their dual-degree within two years (senior undergraduate year+5th year).
  5. Those accepted into the BSMS must maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA, a requirement for all graduate programs. Those who fall below this minimum will conclude with a BS (NFS), providing s/he fulfils all other academic requirements for the undergraduate degree.
  6. Upon completion of the requirements academic BSMS course requirements, students receive a 'Verification Statement' indicating completion of the IPND (academic/DPD and supervised practice coursework). Successful completion of the BS-MS Program qualifies students to sit for the national Registered Dietetic examination leading to the Registered Dietetic (RD) credential. IPND Program information is found here
  7. Students will pay undergraduate tuition rates up to the number of credits required to earn a baccalaureate degree (120); after 120 credits students pay graduate-level tuition rates + the IPND excellence fee of $150 per IPND credit.

Sample Coursework Schedule for Accelerated BSMS - 41 course credits + 12 credits of Supervised Practice (53 out of total 149 credits)

Fall: 18 credits
PH 75000 Biostatistics (3cr)
NUTR 71500 Food Service and Management (3 cr)
NUTR 72000 Community Nutrition Education with 100 hour field experience (3 cr)
NUTR 73100 Advanced Nutrition I (3 cr)
NUTR 73400 Clinical Nutrition I (3 cr)
NUTR 70000 Dietetics seminar (3 cr)
Winter: Supervised Practice (Food Service Management) 100 Hours
Spring: 16 credits
NUTR 72500 Nutrition Research (3 cr)
NUTR 73200 Advanced Nutrition II (3) cr
NUTR 73500 Clinical Nutrition II (3 cr)
NUTR 75600 Food Science and Environment Lec (3 cr)
NUTR 75700 Food Science and Environment Lab (1 cr)
NUTR 70100 Dietetics seminar (3 cr)
 - Supervised Practice (Food Service Management) 100 Hours
Summer: Supervised Practice (Community/Research) 300 Hours
Fall: 10 credits
NUTR 74600 Nutrition and Disease (3 cr)
NUTR 74700 Adv Nutrition & Assessment Lab (1 cr)
NUTR 74800 Nutrition Assessment & Counseling (3 cr)
NUTR 70200 Dietetics seminar (3 cr)
Winter: Supervised Practice (Clinical Rotation) 100 Hours
Spring: 9 credits
NUTR 73300 Nutrition and Human Development (3 cr) (or previous summer if not offered Spring)
NUTR 78000 (78003) Capstone (3 cr)
NUTR 70300 Dietetics seminar (3 cr)
Supervised Practice (Clinical Rotation) 350 Hours

Career Opportunities for graduates with an accelerated BSMS: Major areas of practice include clinical, community, management, and consultant dietetics. More than half of all dietitians and nutritionists work in hospitals, senior living facilities, and physicians' offices and clinics. More information about career opportunities can be found on the ADA website at

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