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Admissions Information (BS)

NFS Application

Acceptance is fall semesters for applicants who meet NFS prerequisite and eligibility requirements shown below. Accepted applicants typically have strong cumulative and prerequisite GPAs, and if taken upon application, the minimum required grades for the listed Allied Courses. To apply for the NFS major, transfer AND current Hunter students MUST submit our NFS dept. major application  shown below under Application Process (we do not accept the Hunter Registrar's major/minor application.) Transfer students, complete our NFS application AND the CUNY transfer application.

To learn more about the NFS major, we encourage prospective students to attend an Nutrition-BS Information Session offered 1x each Fall & Spring, typically via zoom. Interested potential majors may also join a chat session, offered once a month during the academic semesters. See Announcement on this webpage for dates.  To sign-up for an info session click here.

After reviewing our website/admissions process, if you have questions, email Nzinga Ajani, prospective student contact, at If a former or current CUNY student, kindly include your CunyFirst EMPLID in all communications.


Eligibility Requirements

  • =>30 earned credits with grades before completing the applicaton (cannot be in progress)
  • Earned grade of “C” or better in the Science and Statistics prerequisites. Also, if taken, a minimum C grade in the listed Allied courses or transfer equivalent.  CR/NC or P/F are not accepted (exception for classes taken 2020 Covid year only.)
  • Minimum cumulative GPA 2.8 upon application & upon entering the major. Cumulative GPA is the combined GPA for all college level courses if taken at one or more than one college. To calculate, use Hunter's online GPA calculator if you've attended a college before matriculating at Hunter.

Prerequisites (=>11 credits)

  • General Chemistry or Essentials of General Chemistry with Lab - CHE 10000 & 10100 or equivalent:  Lab/Lecture can be one or separate numbers but min. 4 credits in total.
    While not required or an advantage for NFS acceptance, students who plan to apply upon graduation for a medical program, MD, PA, PT - though not RD or Nursing - may want take CHEM 10200,10400 & 10600 vs Chem 10000/10100.  Thse premed chem courses are very challenging & at a much higher credit level so considered only after consulting with a Hunter academic advisor.  NFS also accepts AP courses accepted by Hunter. See Chemistry’s online website or course catalog listing for all chemistry course information
  • Organic Chemistry with Lab - CHE 12000 & 12100 or equivalent: 4 (or higher) or Hunter accepted AP equivalent.  Lab/Lecture can be one or separate numbers but min. 4 credits in total.
  • Statistics or Elementary Probability and Statistics, or Pre-calc or Calculus - any STAT 100 level or higher course, incl AP courses with a 4 or higher grade: min. 3 cr
Allied Sciences - can be taken before or after entry to the NFS major. Note: NFS 14100 is a prerequisite to 300 & 400  level NFS classes
  • Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab - BIOL 12000 or equivalent: 4 or 4.5 credits. Lab/Lecture can be combined or under separate numbers.
  • Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab - BIOL 12200 or equivalent: 4 or 4.5 credits
  • Microbiology - BIOL 23000 or equivalent: 3 cr* (NFS does not require a microbiology lab)
  • Food Science I - NFS 13100 or equivalent: 3 cr
  •  Introduction to Nutrition - NFS 14100 or equivalent: 3 cr
    Note: If you've taken a non-equivalent into nutrition class, contact us and include course college & number, syllabus and electronic transcript so we may evaluate for NFS major acceptance. Into Nutrition courses with a Science or Biology code are, typically, equivalent to NFS 14100.A general personal nutrition health class is never equivalent to NFS 14100.

*Note: 1.  Allied courses may be taken before or after acceptance to the BS-NFS Program

Note 2. Students should consider completing the Hunter College requirements (Focus/Foreign Language and Pluralism & Diversity) in advance of taking NFS advance level classes non-major classes are typically at Main campus & we in NFS are at Hunter's Silberman campus at 119th Street & 3rd Avenue. NFS classes meet 1x per week with main campus courses often 2-3 times per week, resulting in possible class time conflicts.
Note 3. Hunter can waive the College's foreign language requirement for students with proven high-intermediate oral, written and reading fluency in another language -- see the Office of Academic Advising degree info website and/or consult with your main campus assigned Academic Advising about language testing options in and outside Hunter. Some languages available for testing at Hunter include Spanish, French, Italian, German, Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Mandarin but check for all languages as Hindi and others may now be "testable" @Hunter.
Some testing is via computer and, for the majority of languages, by the main campus language department (Contact the respective Hunter language department.) 

Hunter Focus & Course Equivalency Links

Information about General Hunter College admission requirements
Course equivalency evaluation table for non-CUNY transfers (if your college is not listed, please contact Hunter Academic Advising ).
Click here for information on CUNY to CUNY transfers.

Application Process for NFS Major

  • NFS Application opens mid-Feburary for Fall admittance and late September for Spring admittance. Application review is ongoing (will require grade for those doing prerequisites.) For questions or help with the NFS (vs CUNY) online application, email


NFS MAJOR APPLICATION: required for both Hunter & incoming transfer students:
Application link: NFS Application
Applicants will need to upload an electronic version of their electronic unofficial transcript(s) for all colleges attended (best to combine multiple transcripts to one PDF). CUNY students can find this unofficial transcripts in CunyFirst.
NPH/NFS does not accept the Hunter Registrar paper major declaration form.

In addition to the NFS application above, also submit CUNY's UAPC “Undergraduate Transfer Application” online: ($70 application fee for non-CUNY transfer students; the fee is waived for current CUNY students.) DO NOT complete the CUNY New application -- only the 'transfer' application. Only list the NFS major if you will complete major prerequisites the semester before entering Hunter. For all questions about the transfer application, contact
CUNY UAPC office or Hunter Undergraduate Admissions. CUNY UAPC processes all transfer applications which you can track on their website.

Other Required Documentation

Proof of Immunization. If accepted to Hunter, submit Hunter’s immunization form (alternatively, Hunter accepts other forms, such as those from an employer, another college attended, or a WHO card).
**The form is not required if it was previously submitted to another CUNY college.

The meningitis form section can be completed online if not included on a submitted non-Hunter immunization form. See the Wellness Center immunization page for the link.

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