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Curriculum Outline - MS Academic Dietetic Internship Track


The 1.5-year (3 semester), 36 credit MS-Academic Dietetic Internship Track is comprised of the courses below. Each course is 3 credits except where noted. Classes meet once a week, Monday-Thursday mornings or afternoons (occasionally a class may need to be scheduled in the evening). For course descriptions please see the current Hunter College Graduate Catalog: Department of Nutrition and Public Health.

NUTR Core Courses (6 credits total)
PH 75000 Biostatistics or equivalent
NUTR 72500 Nutrition Research

NUTR Specialization/Major Electives (15 credits total)
NUTR 71500 Food Service and Management
NUTR 72000 Community Nutrition Education
NUTR 73300 Nutrition and Human Development
NUTR 73100 Advanced Nutrition I
NUTR 73200 Advanced Nutrition II
NUTR 73400 Clinical Nutrition I
NUTR 73500 Clinical Nutrition II
NUTR 74600 Nutrition and Disease
NUTR 74700 Advanced Nutrition and Assessment Lab (1 credit)
NUTR 74800 Assessment and Counseling
NUTR 75600 Food Science and Environment
NUTR 75700 Food Science and Environment Lab (1 credit)
NUTR 77000 Topics in Nutrition (1, 2, or 3 credits)
NUTR 78301, 02, 03 Independent Study (1, 2, or 3 credits)
Other NUTR or Biology or other electives approved by advisor

NUTR Culminating Experience (3 credits total)

NUTR 78000 (78003) Capstone or NUTR 79000 Thesis

NUTR Experiential Practice Courses (12 credits total)

NUTR 70000 Seminar in Dietetics Practice
NUTR 70100 Pre-Professional Practice in Dietetics: Clinical
NUTR 70200 Pre-Professional Practice in Dietetics: Food Service
NUTR 70300 Pre-Professional Practice in Dietetics: Community

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