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Giuseppe Di Scipio



Giuseppe Di Scipio, Professor, PhD, CUNY, Middle Ages, Dante & Renaissance

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1977: Ph.D. The Graduate School and University Center, CUNY, Comparative Literature Specialization in Dante and the Middle Ages.

1971: MA. Hunter College, Italian Language and Literature.

1969: B.A., Cum Laude, Hunter College. Honors in French and Italian.




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Articles, chapters in books and essays before 2000 

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Conferences and Lectures 1999-2008 (selected)

 “Tommaso Campanella and Dante” Renaissance Studies Conference, Chicago, April 6-8, 2008.

“Imperial Food at the Court of Frederic II”, paper read at the Graduate Center CUNY,  Oct. 23, 2007.

“Slavery in Renaissance  Florence”, Renaissance Studies Conference, New York City, April 2004.

Moderator in the Session “Narrating Trauma” in Memory and Narrative Graduate Student Conference, Ph.D. Program in French, April 5, 2002.

Chaired Sessions: Postmodern/ Pre-modern Series I, Medieval Worlds, February 23, 2001;

Postmodern Pre-modern, Series II, Renaissance and Baroque, March 30, 2001. French Doctoral Program, Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Co-Chair with Francesca Canade’ Sautman, Graduate Seminar: “Objects, Currency, Exchange in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.” April 2, 2001. The Graduate School and University Center, French Doctoral Program.

Chaired session, “Eros and Mysticism”, at the Dante 2000 Conference, Columbia University, April 7-9, 2000, sponsored by the Dante Society of America.

Organizer of AAIS (American Association of Italian Studies) and Chair of two sessions on Letteratua e Giornalismo and Boccacio at the Sheraton New York Hotel, April 13-15, 2000.

Chaired session: “Textuality” in Guido Cavalcanti: An International Symposium. Friday November 10-Saturday, November 11, 2000 New York University and the Italian Cultural Institute, New York.

“Jorge Luis Borges and Dante” paper read at the Jorge Luis Borges Symposium, Hunter College on October 29, 1999.


Conferences and Lectures 1981-1985(selected)

May 16, 1981, “The Importance of Studying a second Language”, sponsored by ACIM an the Italian American Committee on Education.

April 4, 1982, “Christological Symbolism in Silone’s Il Segredo di Luca”, NEMLA Conference.

April 1 5, 1 982, “A Journey through Dante’s Inferno”, invited lecture, Fordham Universit

December 1982, “Leopardi’s Theory of Poetry in the Zibaldone”, MLA Convention.

April 14-16, 1983, “Gradatio of Admiration: Beatrice, St. Bernard, Mary in Paradiso XXXI”, NEMLA Conference.

April 14-16, 1983, “Religion and the Church in Lampedusa’s IL Gattopardo”, NEMLA Conference.

March 15, 1984, “Dante and Gothic Architecture”, invited lecture, Fordham University, Alpha Mu Gamma

March 30, 1984, “Ferlinghetti’s  A Coney Island of the Mind Images and Perspectives”, NEMLA Conference.

June 20, 1984, Response paper to “Motivazioni allo studio dell’italiano negli stati uniti” (Prof U. Vignuzzi, Universita` di Roma), Convegno di studio sul1’ Italiano negli Stati Uniti, Fordham University, June 19-22.

December 29, 1984, “Alvise Cornaro and the Universal Rule of Temperate Life”, MLA Convention.

February 5, 1985, “Dante and Gothic Architecture, 11”, invited lecture, Humanities Institute, Brooklyn College.

March 9, 1985, “The Role of Language Learning in Education for International Communication and Understanding”, invited lecture, Adelphi University.

March 29, 1985, “Pirandello’s Idea of God in Lazarus”, NEMLA Conference.

May 6-10, 1985, “La Rosa simbolica di Dante e la cattedrale gotica”, Associazione Internazionale di Studio della Lingua e Letteratura Italiana, University of Toronto.

October 10, 1985, “Victor Hugo’s Italian Connection”, International Symposium on Victor Hugo’s Centenary, invited lecture, Hunter College.


Conferences and Lectures 1986-1991 (selected)

April 4, 1986, “Dante on Faith, Hope and Charity and I Corinthians”, NEMLA Conference, Rutgers University.

April 11, 1986, “Dante and St. Paul: Love and Prophecy”, AAIS Conference, University Toronto; also chair of Pirandello section.

April 16, 1986, “Pirandello and Politics”, invited lecture, Pirandello Symposium, Hofstra University.

April 30, 1986, “Round Table on Italy Today”, Organizer and participant, Hunter College.

November 23, 1986, organizer, Pirandello Symposium: The Other Tongue, Graduate School and University Center of CUNY; introduction paper.

December 29, 1986, “Curtius’ Contribution to Dante Studies”, MLA Conference and Chair the “Curtius Centenary II” section.

February 28, 1987, “Dante’s Idea of Peace of Justice: Augustine and St. Paul”, invited lecture, symposium, War and Peace in the Middle Ages, Fordham University. (Generated by PS CUNY award).

April 3, 1987, “Nicholas Schonberg’s Account of Thomas More’s Last Day”, NEMLA, Boston.

April 24, 1987, “Dante’s Inferno and Virgil”, with the Classics Department, Hunter College.

October 5, 1987, “Dante Poet of the Earth”, invited lecture, Provost’s seminars, CUNY Graduate Center. (Generated by PSC-CUNY research award)

October 7, 1987, lecture, “Inferno XXIII: Virgil, St. Paul”, at Hunter College. (Generate by PSC-CUINY award)

November 3, 1987, invited lecture, “Dante and Peace: A Pauline Matrix”, University of Fairfield, Fairfield, Ct. (generated by PSC-CUNY award)

March 24-26, 1988, “Giovanni Sercambi’s Novelle and Popular Traditions”, NEMLA Conference, Providence, RI.

May 3, 1988, “Dante the Poet and His Mission”, invited lecture, CUNY Graduate Center CUNY Medieval Club.

May 26-29, 1988, “The Other as Religious Body: Marco Polo Meets the East, “Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Culture, Hampton University Virginia.

April 2, 1989, “The Image of the Fool in Sercambi’s Novelliere.”, NEMLA Conference, University of Delaware, Wilmington.

April 29, 1989, “Purgatorio XXI”, Lectura Dantis, 42nd  Kentucky Foreign Language Conference.

April 21, 1990, “St. Paul in the Convivio”, American Association of Italian Studies, Annual Conference, University of Virginia.

March 31, 1990, “Religion and Death in Lampedusa’s II Gattopardo”, International Conference on Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, The Impact of Il Gattopardo Thirty Years After the English Edition. Sponsored by the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, New York University, The Program in Italian Studies, CUNY Graduate Center.

September 8-11, 1991, Congresso Ceislo (Centro Internazionale Studi Lombardi, Olginate, Lecco), “The American Megalopolis Today.’

October 6, 1991, “Voices in Humanism”, NEH Sponsored Teacher Seminar at SUNY Purchase.

May 9, 1991, “St. Paul in Popular Traditions’ Medieval Studies International Conference, Kalamazoo, Michigan

November 21, 1991, “Naples: The Lost Renaissance”. Chair of session Cultural Relations and Music. The Graduate School and University Center.

April 3-5, 1992 North East MLA: Buffalo, N.Y., “Dante and the Figurative Arts”.

April 9-12, American Association of Italian Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, “Purgatorio XXI: Myth and Legend”.

May 7-10, Medieval Studies Conference, Kalamazoo, Mich. “Pauline Text and Subtext in Dante’s  Monarchia”.

February 24, 1993, “Lectura Dantis” Inferno 1 and 2, Hunter College. 

March 17, 1993, “Lectura Dantis” Inferno V and X, Hunter College.

St. Paul and Dante on Charity, Fordham University, March 1993

“Turoldo and Dante: The Sign of the Tau”, Symposium: “Arts Poetica: A Homage to David Maria Turoldo, New York.

November 17-18, 1993, CUNY Graduate Center.

“Dante: Traduzione e traduttori”, Convegno Internazionale “Attualità e fortuna di Dante nel mondo”, Penne (Pescara), Italy.

November 25-26, 1993, “La Fontaine: Ariosto and Boccacio”. Jean de la Fontaine, International Colloquium, April 12-13, 1995, Hunter College and the New York Public Library.


Editorial Boards, Book Reviewer, Editor and Reviewer:

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