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The Opera Carmen

In October 2012, Professor Ender’s class Nineteenth-Century French Literature (1800-1850) spent an evening at the Metropolitan Opera House to see the opera Carmen, whose libretto was inspired by a tale by Mérimée studied in class. 

Student experience

Going to the Opera was fantastic. I had previously seen some on TV, but being there physically and seeing a story I was reading in class come to life on stage was awesome. I was also a little fascinated with the technical side, how they built the set and changed it depending on the scenes. Overall I loved it and I know that it is somewhere I would look forward to going to again.   Joëlle Préval

I recently had the opportunity to see Carmen at the New York Metropolitan Opera. I need to admit that I had a great time and a phenomenal experience because it was my first time actually seeing an opera. The show we selected, Carmen, was spectacular. The performers where phenomenal and the experience as a whole was awesome and one I will not forget.  Pierrelyne Pierre

I also thought the modern stage design was very interesting, and evoked a more recent time and place . The mechanism that allowed the center stage to turn in a circle was stunningly used at the end: after don Jose stabs and kills Carmen, the interior set spins open to reveal the bullring with the spectators and Carmen's love, the Toreador, standing over a bull that he has just defeated.  Sara Richtarik

After reading Carmen in class, it was wonderful to see the story come alive onstage. I thought all the actors played their parts very well and was particularly impressed with the actor who played Don Jose. The scenery was ingenious, in my opinion, and the costumes really evoked the mood of the show. I suppose I'll have to start going to more operas!  Lucie Hawkins

When I heard the song “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle” I recognized the melody but had never known the words--seeing the opera gave me a fuller understanding of the music.  I also kept thinking about how much work it must take to produce and coordinate everything in an opera.  I am glad that I got this chance to see Carmen at the Met Opera. Anna Soo-Hoo

This was my first opera performance and an amazing experience. I always had a vague idea of the singing and dancing that comprised a good opera show, but Carmen truly exceeded everything I expected. I'd like to thank Hunter College for helping our class attend this fantastic show. Lawrence Marte

 Attending the Opera "Carmen" was truly a special experience for me. In fact it was my first opportunity to see an opera. Not only was the experience fun and entertaining, but let ultimately to my choice to research "Carmen" and its author Merimee for a research paper. Rebecca Steever

I thought that going to see the Opera Carmen was an enriching experience and a great complement to the course. Being able to watch the diverse images, the emotions from the performers,  the decoration, and presentation of the story Carmen was incredible and extremely moving. Merci, Marwa


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