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Boost your professional skills with our rich diversity of courses.

Professional Developments Webinars

Personal Enrichment Webinars

Fun with Grammar Series: Articles $25 PWGRAMM
Can’t make sense of English articles? Come to this fun class to review the basics and explore some common special cases. Practice what you learn with partners in fun, cooperative ways. This class is best for lower-intermediate and intermediate levels, but higher levels may also find this review useful.
Monday April 5, 5:30-7:30pm

Negotiating your Salary and Compensation: $25 (PWNESAC)
The current pandemic and economic downturn means that more people will be overqualified for fewer jobs.  Learn the first rule in life: EVERYTHING is negotiable with the right knowledge.  This exciting webinar will empower you (regardless of age or experience) to walk into any negotiation with the upper hand and understand that compensation is much more than your salary.
Monday April 26, 6:00-8:00pm

Starting a Business for Less than $200: $25 (PWSTBUL)
Learn how to establish your big idea or side hustle into a professional business entity.  This easy to follow 5 step process teaches anyone how to start working as a sole proprietor, complete with D.B.A. Certificate and EIN.  With just a few easy steps, you will be prepared to work with the smallest mom and pop business to the largest global multinational company.
Thursday April 29, 6:00-8:00pm

Breaking Your Bad Professional Habits: $25 PWBRBPH
Chances are if you are not getting noticed on job boards, or called for interviews, the problem may not be you but rather your lack of confidence or the fact that you are downplaying your talent and experience.   Get a straight, “no-chaser” assessment of your interviewing skills, professional experience and what hiring managers really think of you based on your resume.
Monday 5/3, 6-8PM

Professional Branding: $25 (PWPROBRA)
You might be fantastic with social media and digital marketing but do you know how to develop and promote a successful professional brand. Learn easy to follow tips to ensure you stand out from the competition and make a memorable impression on potential employers and clients.
Thursday May 6, 6:00-8:00PM

Communication & Presentation Skills for Professionals: (COMPSPR)
Studies records that the fear of speaking in public is the second most common fear of people in America. This workshop provides strategies to make speaking in public “easy” by focusing on planning, preparation, breathing, voice, and delivery to project a professional confident speech, and effective body language and image that will captivate any audience; exercises will include steps and activities that will teach you how to get your message across with ease.
Tuesday 4/27, 6-8pm

Dealing with Diverse Management Styles: PWDEDIM
Most people at one time or another will have a boss who is hard to please or impossible to work with - making it difficult to contribute positively to the organization’s goal or advancement. This workshop is set up to give you practical tools and protocols to cultivate a workable relationship with diverse management styles including the ones that do not fit your personality type or comfort zone.
Tuesday 5/4, 6-8pm

Managing a Team that Soars vs Roars:
This workshop is an extension of Dealing with Diverse Management Styles. Research shows that most people who leave their jobs more often leave because of poor management or management styles. Some people will even leave for less pay just to have less stress and to get away from, as they perceive, toxic management. It is important that management/managers create a working environment and relationships where employees can thrive and execute the bottom line. Included will be simple but powerful ways to keep a team soaring not roaring:
•    Getting the best out of our most valuable resource (people)
•    Reward systems that can positively impact a working environment
•    Role playing with practical solutions
•    Message from thought leaders and senior leaders
Tuesdat 5/11,  6-8pm

The NFT world, crypto-art, and digital assets (PWCRYPT)
What is NFT.  How to use the technology and how to get into NFTs to supplement an income such as a technical artist, game developer, digitally-painted art, musicians and all digital assets.  How to make your own NFTs. This technology as a way to get voices to the people that have not been able to use them.
Tuesdat 5/18,  6-8pm

Personal Enrichment Webinars

Remarkable Ancient Greece Presented by Jane Gios (PEGREEC) $15
For a time, Ancient Greece was the center of the world – a thriving hub of politics, philosophy, science, and art. Sheltered by mountains and blessed
with a coastline open to a glittering sea speckled with hundreds of islands, the Gods couldn’t have picked a prettier location for their kingdom on Earth. The archaeological sites of ancient Athens, Sparta, and numerous other locations reveal a rich culture whose achievements still stagger the mind for more than 2,000 years. On our virtual tour, we will visit the Acropolis and Ancient Agora in Athens, Aegina, Epidaurus, Eretia, Sparta, Olympia, Delphi, Corinth, Marathon, Knossos, Argos, Meteora, and Thessalonica. We will learn about the importance of these locations and the impressions they marked through the ages.
Wednesdays May 19, 6:00-8:00PM

Introduction to Jazz $15
This workshop familiarizes curious listeners with the basics of the musical genre. This includes explaining how jazz differs from other forms of popular music, what properties (rhythm, improvisation, etc.) make it unique, and most important, how to recognize and understand the basic formal structures that define jazz. Technical musical knowledge is neither required nor stressed during the workshop.
Wednesday April 12, 7:00-9:00pm


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