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Teaching English Language Institute

The Hunter College Teaching English Language Institute is an innovative program designed to support English teachers in the United States and around the world. Through a lively combination of activities, lectures, hands-on workshops and demonstrations, the Institute will expand your skills and help you revitalize your English language classes.
These sessions focus on practical, effective teaching methods, curriculum/materials and practical teaching scenarios.

Not offered this semester.

Best Methods for Teaching ESL/EFL $150 TELI01
This module will present an overview of the most effective modern language acquisition and assessment methods used in teaching grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing in the 21st century English language teaching world, and their practical task-based application.

Techniques for Teaching Oral and Listening Skills $150 TELI02
This module concentrates on the techniques and assessment methods used to effectively helps students to gain the confidence they need to speak and listen in English through the use of pronunciation exercises, speaking/listening stimulations and picture/YouTube prompts.

Curriculum and Materials $150 TELI03
This module focuses on both the appropriate choice and creation of curriculum and materials for skill-based and content-based courses through practical application and assessment in the classroom.

Tips and Tools for Teaching Grammar $150 TELI04
This module focuses on a wide range of grammar teaching techniques and their real-life, eclectic application and assessment in the language learning classroom

Teaching ESL to Children $150 TELIWS1
This workshop focuses on strategies for teaching ESL to children and provides students with an opportunity to create their own activities and lesson. The class also looks at how to integrate language and content instruction, and provides a brief overview of child development.

ESL Technology $150 TELIWS2
The purpose of this interactive workshop is to provide students/teachers with an overview of ways technology can be used in the classroom to help L2 learners acquire, comprehend, and use linguistic patterns through the use of various materials. This can be applied to both K-12 and adult learners.

Business ESL $150 TELIWS3
The purpose of this interactive workshop is to interactively show the students/teachers how to teach the business content through the various activities related to career development. This workshop provides students/teachers with an overview of ways business education can be used in the classroom to help L2 learners acquire, comprehend, and use linguistic patterns through the use of various materials.

Teaching ESL through Theater $150 TELIWS4
This workshop uses American plays as a way of extending the range of classroom possibilities, while at the same time enhancing students' motivation and making the language more fully meaningful. Our aim is to use and extend language in accessible, stimulating and productive ways through the teaching and techniques of theatre.

Teaching Pronunciation $150 TELIWS15
This workshop review will review aspects of American English pronunciation, including consonants, vowels, stress, rhythm and intonation. The connection between pronunciation and grammar will be explored, and teachers will leave with tips for handling notoriously tricky concepts and troublesome minimal pairs in the classroom.

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