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Professional English Certificate


Available as a full certificate for $1,500 or individual classes for $600

•  This advanced certificate is designed for professionals who are seeking to perfect and polish the English Language skills they need for a workplace environment.
•  Students who take this program are normally working professionals looking to fine-tune their skills for the workplace.
•  Classes will be broken down into 8-week classes: Pronunciation, Grammar, Writing

Pronunciation: (20 hour $600)  Register for this Course

Course Objectives: Students will learn how

  • To gain confidence with listening to and speaking American English in formal and informal situations
  • To become more familiar with using vivid, descriptive language while speaking English
  • To learn to deliver prepared formal presentations on a variety of topics in English
  • To pronounce American English words correctly
  • Interjections and intonation
  • Syllables with unstressed vowels (represented by the schwa)
  • Words linked by final /s/ and /z/ sounds
  • Syllables stress
  • Words stress in compound nouns
  • Stress and pauses indicating thought groups
  • Content words and sentence stress
  • Function words and sentence stress
  • Vowel length with voiced and voiceless consonants

Each student will participate in an individual conference with the instructor so he/she may understand your specific pronunciation needs.
Reading is very important to the pronunciation class – you must do it! Reading will incrementally become harder as the class goes on. You will be evaluated on your speaking and pronunciation skills.

Grammar (20 hour $600): Register for this Course Now

Course Objectives:

  • to learn authentic American English grammar
  • to distinguish the grammar typical in conversation vs grammar typical in writing
  • to work independently to refine their respective grammar skills

Course Coverage:

  • verb tenses
  • modals
  • multi-word verbs
  • prepositions
  • active voice vs passive voice
  • gerunds and infinitives
  • adjectives and adverbs
  • subject-verb-agreement
  • students’ suggestions are welcome

Writing (20 hour $600): Register for this Course Now

Course Objectives: Students will learn how

  • To gain confidence in writing in American English using formal and informal structures
  • To apply nuts-and-bolts strategies for improving writing
  • To combine sentences through coordination and subordination
  • To identify adequately developed paragraphs
  • To provide transitions in writing
  • To identify, understand, and correct errors in writing
  • To edit essays

Course Coverage:

  • Understanding Basic Sentence Types
  • Fragments/Run-ons/Fused Sentences/Comma Splices
  • Clauses
  • Conjunctions
  • Writing Topic Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays
  • Using Punctuation Marks and Punctuation Patterns Effectively
  • Revising Sentences: parallelism, consistent point of view, specific words, active verbs, concise words
  • Organizing Ideas
  • Evaluating Essays for Unity
  • Evaluating Essays for Support
  • Evaluating Essays for Coherence
  • Evaluating Essays for Unity, Support, Coherence, and Sentence Skills - All in ONE

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