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Undergraduate Programs

There are five concentrations available to students majoring in English.  Please note that beginning Fall 2013, the English major changed to a 39-credit major.  Please click below to view the appropriate major requirements based on the date on which you declared your concentration.

English Majors Declared Fall 2013 or later (39 Credits):

Students who declare the major Fall 2013 or later have the option to take one approved 300-level course in another department to satisfy one of their elective requirements.  For details and a complete list of Elegible Elective Courses in Other Departments, please click here.

English Majors Declared Prior to August 28, 2013 (30 Credits):

English Departmental Honors:

Departmental Honors are awarded to students who pursue a more intensive and rigorous course of study.

English Minor (12 Credits)

Non-majors are encouraged to pursue a minor in English.

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