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Undergraduate Programs

There are five concentrations available to students majoring in English.  Please note that beginning Fall 2013, the English major changed to a 39-credit major.  Please click below to view the appropriate major requirements based on the date on which you declared your concentration. Note: As you approach your final year, you should begin to prepare for graduation. Please see the Graduation Steps outlined by the Registrar, and be sure to see an English Advisor the semester before you plan to graduate.

English Majors Declared Fall 2013 or later (39 Credits):

Students who declare the major Fall 2013 or later have the option to take one approved 300-level course in another department to satisfy one of their elective requirements.  For details and a complete list of Elegible Elective Courses in Other Departments, please click here.

English Majors Declared Prior to August 28, 2013 (30 Credits):

English Departmental Honors:

Departmental Honors are awarded to students who pursue a more intensive and rigorous course of study.

English Minor (12 Credits)

Non-majors are encouraged to pursue a minor in English.

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