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What is on the LSAT?

The test consists of five sections plus a 35 minute writing sample. The writing sample is currently not scored, but copies are sent to law schools. The five multiple-choice sections are comprised of:

  • Two Logical Reasoning Sections in which you read a short passage and answer questions about the arguments presented. Questions test ability to identify assumptions, analyze the structure of arguments and draw logical conclusions.
  • Reading Comprehension in which you read complex essays on a variety of topics. Questions test understanding of the texts. You may be asked to identify themes and to draw inferences about facts and theories presented.
  • Analytical Reasoning (logic games) in which you are presented with a scenario that gives you information about a structure of relationships (such as groups, sequences, or spatial relations). Test takers typically make charts and diagrams to manipulate data and draw conclusions based on the given relationships.
  • Experimental SectionMay be any of the above. Results on this section do not affect your score; you are not told which section is experimental.
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