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Overview & Merit Grants!

Your law school application is akin to a business interview on paper. You will want to present yourself in an appealing manner. Researching schools and programs to find the right “fit,” submitting helpful letters of recommendation, writing an impressive personal statement and other essays, completing required forms, building relationships with the schools when possible, and mastering the bureaucratic details of the application process are all important to this effort.

BEFORE you click through the links below to get a sense of each part of the application process, please also note that you want the following items on your agenda:

    • Law School Application Workshop - This is a 2 hour soup-to-nuts workshop that provides an "insider" view on the application process. Please attend a workshop (you only need one) before meeting with the Pre-Law Office about your applications. We are delighted to be a valued resource at Hunter (see student testimony under "about the program") and look forward to consulting with you on your applications. The workshop is offered 12 times each year in the late spring, summer, & fall, including nights and even a weekend session. Check out the events page for dates and times.
    • Application Grants $$$$$·- Each year -- subject to business office approval at that time -- the Pre-Law Program makes up to 15 modest awards based on merit to alumni and current applicants.· This is not a reimbursement of your costs, but it is intended to offset some of the unavoidable LSAC fees associated with applying, and acknolwedge your accomplishements.

The majority of Hunter folks apply after they have already graduated, so we understand the value of serving our alumni. In order to be considered for a grant, be sure to (I) come to the application workshop and (II) follow the additional steps below. Even if you decide not to apply for a grant, attending this programming is strongly recommended for everyone applying to law school this cycle.

    • Register with the program on the Pre-Law Website
    • Be sure to opt in for LSAC to share information about your applications with your undergraduate institution
    • Attend the following events to inform yourself about the application process. If you have an unavoidable, unforeseeable conflict (like a class), please request to be excused no less than 24 hours before the event.
        1. Panel on Admissions Dos and Dont's with local law school representatives - Avoid the mistakes that admissions folks see year after year, enhance your likelihood to receive merit funding, and maximize your opportunities at reach schools.
        2. Discussion on How to Network at the LSAC Forum - What to ask, how to make a good impression, and ways to cultivate relationships with the schools.
        3. Attendance at an LSAC Law School Recruitment Forum - Network and gain information about the law schools.
        4. Mock Admissions Review Session (evaluation of actual applications) with a law school admissions officer.
    • Submit your application through the link on the Pre-Law homepage after consulting about your school choices with the Pre-Law Office.

The applications to apply for the merit based application grant will be made available in late spring once seat deposits go down - but you need to take the steps early in the admissions process noted above, in order to be eligible. Also, to be eligible for the award, students must START law school within three years of the date of graduation. Those who completed their Hunter B.A. before that time are not eligible for this grant but are nevertheless welcome to attend all free campus admission-related programming. Applicants will be required to provide their receipt for their law school seat deposit for final consideration for the award. This is an award based on merit. It is not a reimbursement for application expenses.

Click on the following links to assist you with the application process:

Admission Criteria

Where Should I Apply?


Letters of Recommendation

The Personal Statement

Application Forms

Fee Waivers $$$$$

Dean's Letters or Certification Forms

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