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What is on the LSAT?

The test consists of five sections plus a 35 minute writing sample. The writing sample is not scored, but copies are sent to law schools. The window for completing the writing sample is six days before the test, or sometime afterward; your scores will not be released to law schools without a writing sample. NOTE: DURING THE PANDEMIC LSAC IS ADMINISTERING LSAT-FLEX. Please scroll all the way down for more information about LSAT-Flex. 

The five multiple-choice sections are comprised of:

  • Two Logical Reasoning Sections in which you read a short passage and answer questions about the arguments presented. Questions test ability to identify assumptions, analyze the structure of arguments and draw logical conclusions.
  • Reading Comprehension in which you read complex essays on a variety of topics. Questions test understanding of the texts. You may be asked to identify themes and to draw inferences about facts and theories presented.
  • Analytical Reasoning (logic games) in which you are presented with a scenario that gives you information about a structure of relationships (such as groups, sequences, or spatial relations). Test takers typically make charts and diagrams to manipulate data and draw conclusions based on the given relationships.
  • Experimental SectionMay be any of the above. Results on this section do not affect your score; you are not told which section is experimental.

LSAT-Flex includes 3 sections, one of each type. There is no experiemental section on LSAT-Flex. The writing sample is taken at a separate time, as before. The test and the writing sample are taken on your device - either laptop or desktop - and are monitored remotely by LSAC. LSAC is announcing on a rolling basis when scheduled tests will be administered as LSAT-Flex.

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