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Law Related Courses and Academic Opportunities of Note

There is a 15-credit, interdisciplinary Legal Studies minor, housed in the Political Science Department, which, although not required, might be of interest to students who wish to explore legal themes in the context of their undergraduate work.

Without committing to any particular major or minor, students can avail themselves of a wide variety of law-related coursework offered at Hunter College:


Asian American Studies 390.02, Asian American Civil Rights and the Law

Biology 150, Forensic Biology

Computer Science 493, Computer Law

Economics 280, Business Law I

Economics 370, Law and Economics

Economics 380, Business Law II

Economics 480, Business Law III

English 386.94, Literature & Law

History 364, American Constitutional History, 1783 to 1900

Integrated Media Arts 780, Media & the Law (Graduate level but open to undergrads)

Media Studies 394, Media & Law in the Digital Age

Media Studies 399, Digital Copyright

Philosophy 103, Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking - Not directly related to law, but can aid in developing logic skills that are helpful on the LSAT

Philosophy 106, Philosophy, Politics, & Society

Philosophy 246, Political Philosophy

Philosophy 252, Problems of Law and Morality

Philosophy 346, Justice in Contemporary Society

Political Science 219, Women and the Law

Political Science 238, American Legal System

Political Science 240, American Judiciary

Political Science 273.01, Model U.N.

Political Science 290.01, Moot Court (By permission only; Interssion 1 credit)

Political Science 310, Comparative Legal Systems

Political Science 317, Law of Privacy

Political Science 340, Constitutional Law: Organization of Government

Political Science 341, Constitutional Law: Civil Rights

Political Science 342, Constitutional Law: The First Amendment

Political Science 343, Criminal Law

Political Science 375, International Law

Sociology 319, Criminology

Sociology 320, Law, Society and Civil Rights

Women & Gender Studies 398, Welfare Rights Initiative Leadership Training – Internship and academic program


Other academic opportunities that may be of interest include:

•             Thomas Hunter Honors Interdisciplinary Major

•             Human Rights Minor/Certificate Roosevelt House

•             Public Policy Minor/Certificate – Roosevelt House

•             Public Service Scholar Program (PSSP) – Paid internship and academic program

•             JFEW Eleanor Roosevelt Scholars Program – 2-year commitment with paid summer internship

•             CUNY’s Murphy Institute: New York Union Semester – Full-time intensive academic and internship program

•             Hunter Mentoring Program – Sponsored by the Office of the VP of Student Affairs

•             Summer Program through LSAC Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS)

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