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About Scholarships, Grants and Loans for International Students

It has never been easy to find a scholarship, and as an international student may be even more difficult. A glance at the Students Services Grants & Loans Guide might convince you that there’s little hope. But in fact, there are many scholarships available for international students. The search requires time, energy and endurance, but scholarships are out there, offered to international students in practically any field and level of study.

In the Student Services Grants & Loans Guide, you will find some scholarships for international students. This, however, is only a relatively small sample. For more scholarships, seek out organizations and foundations related to your field of study, as well as to your country of origin or ethnicity.

Note: Please let the ISO office know, when you applied or received a scholarship listed in the links below. This will help us to evaluate the success rate of particular grant opportunities.

For an alphabetical online listing of the International Students Grants & Loans Guide, click here.


For a printer-friendly PDF version of the International Students Grants & Loans Guide (PDF), click here.

For a guide on how to improve your chances of receiving an international scholarship or grant, click here.

For information on loans for international students, click here.

For information about Sallie Mae TuitionPay, click here.

For a printer-friendly PDF version of Sallie Mae TuitionPay (PDF), click here.

For more resources for International Student Financial aid at eduPASS, click here.

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