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Graduate students who have been admitted to Hunter College must be able to support themselves and/or be able to prove financial support from a sponsor. Please complete the Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) and return it (all together) directly to the International Students’ Office, only after you have received written confirmation of your acceptance to Hunter College. You must present original documents, which are less than six months old. Foreign currencies should be converted to U.S. equivalents. If you have a financial sponsor, s/he assumes liability for your finances. Careful consideration should be given to financial planning while preparing to study in the U.S., since federal financial aid is not available. Applicants should be aware that the City University of New York, Hunter College, is not liable for changes in financial circumstances after the student is enrolled. U.S. Immigration regulations regarding employment for individuals with student visas are very strict. Prospective students should not anticipate part-time employment as a form of financial support. Please Note: The Affidavit of Support, included in the application packet, must be notarized.

Hunter College prospective graduate students must also complete an application package: Once the application is completed, you may either submit the application and supporting documents in person or via mail to Hunter College's Admissions Office, located in Room 203 Hunter North.

Please visit our office in 1109 East Building for further information about applying to Hunter College Graduate School as an international student. (In terms of immigration-related issues.)

We recommend that you obtain original financial support documents. Please note that your combined finances from all sources must total the amount on the Declaration & Certification of Finances form front page. The following must be submitted to verify your ability to finance your education in the United States.

Bank letters or statements from the student, family member(s), friends or organizations, must be provided to us. Original certified letter from your bank or sponsor’s bank stating the balance in the account. In the case of foreign bank letters, the final amount must be converted into U.S. dollar equivalents officially by the bank. Please do not send us the daily rate of exchange. Please look at following website for foreign currency conversion:,, or

If your sponsor(s) is self-employed, you must submit a copy of the most recent business tax form. However, if your sponsor(s) is not required by the government to file taxes, he/she must submit a notarized statement indicating the nature of his/her business and its profit.

Bank statements (savings and/or checking accounts) must be current, no more than six months old. It must also include a running balance on deposit for the past six months. The available funds must cover the four academic years; if the statements have insufficient funds for four years, please include a wage and earnings statement from your sponsor’s employer (this document must be on company letterhead).

You must also complete an Affidavit of Support form I-134, included in this package. A separate affidavit must be submitted for each person applying for I-20. If you are in the U.S. this form must be completed, signed and notarized.

As of September 1, 2004, USCIS has implemented the I-901 form with a $100.00 fee, to be paid by all prospective F1, M1, J1 Visa applicants. Students, who are planning to renew their F-1 visa, change of status or reinstatement must also pay that SEVIS fee. This fee can be paid on the internet at, Western Union Quick Collect or by U.S. mail. Please check the following website: This fee must be paid prior to your appointment with the U.S. Consulate where you must show receipt of payment to be issued a visa. For more information on the fee and procedures, please read the SEVIS FEE BASIC. You must have an I-20 or DS2019 form before you can pay the SEVIS Fee. After making the I-901 payment you may call the following toll-free telephone for international I-901 SEVIS fee customers at (212) 620-3418. Students sponsored by their government or receiving loans from their government must submit an official statement with their name and the award, which includes the full dollar amount (in U.S. equivalents), for tuition and living expenses.

Submit a copy of your Passport showing your full name.

Upon arrival to the United States, you must report to the International Student Office no later than the end of the second week of classes.


Here are some other resources available to prospective international graduate students.

Although Hunter College has a residence hall, (, space is limited. Hunter College DOES NOT provide housing services. Following is a listing of housing resources for your use. Let us know of you find them helpful or not. In any case, apply as early as possible.

Long-Term Availability Housing
Educational Housing (Availability starts in January)
1 (800) 297-4694
Apply as soon as possible

Flushing YMCA (Availability starts in January)

Graduate Student Housing
International Student House (2 weeks minimum)
(212) 932-1700

There is also additional housing information available at:

Metro International
285 Broadway, Suite 45
New York, NY 10013
(212) 431-1195


Grants Guide
There are limited grants for Hunter College International students. Please do not expect to survive or defray your tuition costs from most grants listed. Here is the Grants Guide for your review. If you do not find a grant for which your are eligible please visit the Hunter College grants and scholarships page at:


A CitiAssist Student Loan is a private education loan offering students resources to bridge the gap between the money they have, and the money they need. Apply online anytime. The three-minute credit response is for applications submitted from 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. E.T. daily. Additional documentation and data verification may be requested for final loan approval.

Note that this loan is certified at Hunter College once you have applied online.

Also note that you need a co-signer who is a permanent resident or a U.S citizen with a good credit rating.


Through our college information services, we help students and families with career decisions, select colleges, navigate the financial aid process, and find resources. In addition, we realize many people need help filling the financial aid gap. To help meet this need TERI offers loans based on good credit, with no income limitations, for elementary and secondary, undergraduate, graduate and continuing education studies.

Note that this loan is certified at Hunter College once you have applied.

Also note that you need a co-signer who is a permanent resident or a U.S citizen with a good credit rating.


Health Insurance
(PLEASE NOTE: Hunter College is not endorsing any of the insurance companies listed.)
Although health insurance is not required of F-1 status students, it is highly recommended. The following are some health insurance links that International students have found helpful:





contact us

212.772.4864 | f: 212.650.3147
Rooms 1108/1109 East Building, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065

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