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Information for Students Transferring to Hunter while on OPT

If you are transferring to Hunter College but are currently on OPT, DO NOT request that your I-20 be released to Hunter. That is, DO NOT ask your previous school to transfer or release your I-20 status to Hunter. This would cause your OPT status to end, and you would not be able to continue being legally employed at your current job. You should only ask your previous school to release the I-20 to Hunter if you do not wish to continue working.

After your OPT has expired, you have 60 days to transfer the I-20 to Hunter College. Therefore, even though you should not transfer the I-20 to Hunter College when you initially transfer in, you should do it once the OPT has expired. Remember, you have 60 days after the OPT has expired to complete this process.




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