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Forum Synopsis



The HEO Forum was formed during the Spring 1995 semester following the declaration of fiscal exigency by CUNY and the non-reappointment of 18 HEOs, based solely on the “financial ability” clause and prior to the establishment of the Hunter College Retrenchment Committee. Its purpose is to represent actively an essential, yet diverse segment of the Hunter College community. We are NOT a union nor are we affiliated with any organization or chapter.



There are over 320 HEO positions at Hunter College and all persons holding the title are considered members of the Forum. A Steering Committee of 3 members, elected from and by active duty HEOs, is the principal arm of the Forum for intra- and inter-college relations

HEOs are classified as non-teaching instructional staff. They are appointed annually for the first four years and then, under provisions of the PSC-CUNY contract, receive multi-year reappointment until the 13.3b Certificate of Continual Administrative Service is reached, at present after eight full years of service. HEOs cannot receive tenure.

For the most part, HEOs work a 35-hour week for 12 months a year, including the January intersession and summer session periods, and earn annual and sick leave according to a set formula.


Qualifications and Responsibilities of a HEO

All HEOs occupy positions of responsibility and the performance of their assigned tasks is essential to the day-to-day operation of the College. HEOs are found in virtually all areas of the college administration: academic areas (e.g., schools, divisions, departments, learning centers), administrative areas (e.g., registrar, admissions, testing, facilities, security, business office, institutional advancement), student services (e.g., advising, career counseling, resident hall operation, social services), and the various designated centers and specialized institutes that exist within the framework of the College (e.g., El Centro, Center on Aging, IELI).

The majority of HEOs have educational levels and performance skills well beyond the minimums established by CUNY for these positions. Many have managerial, administrative and organizational skills, while a select number have special talents and unique technical skills, as those in computer-related operations, that are essential to the running of the College.

Many HEOs are involved in the decision and policy-making aspects of their unit, and therefore have a hand in shaping the destiny of the College. Over the last five years HEOs have been appointed to many college-wide committees, such as the searches for senior administrators and directors, review of programs, Middle States Accreditation, the Strategic Plan, Campus Climate, and honorary degrees. HEO representatives sit on the Faculty Personnel and Budget Committee, the Senate, and the HEO Screening Committee. When HEOs are removed from the Hunter College Table of Organization, an abyss appears that cannot be filled from the ranks of the teaching faculty nor covered by the civil service secretarial staff.

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