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Ingrid Bonadie-Joseph, Coordinator Library Computer Learning Center, Library


What do you do?

Work in the main library at Hunter College - Coordinator Library Computer Learning Center(However this area has been identified as soon to be other labs/auditorium not under my supervision in a remodel of the 6th and 7th floors in the next year or two.

Some of the things I do....

  1. Supervise/train student workers to work in the 7th floor computer lab (Library Computer Learning Center).
  2. Reports on lab use including number of sign-in per hour, software use.
  3. Supervise in initial creation oflibrary signage including displays for flat panel TV's, bulletin boards, informational, library hours.
  4. Reference faculty library instruction statistics on room use, classes taught, department, number of students, create with co-workers content and design handouts for instruction.
  5. Voila (virtual orientation information literacy assessment) Part of the original team that created this tutorial now I add sections /instructors on a semester basis for students to take assessment quiz about the library online.
  6. On the library webpage I add all classes that are being taught daily as well as on the lobby display tv showing classes/events for the day.
  7. Maintain all the library instructional spaces.
  8. I also serve on the library web committee and I inform Web librarian of items that may need to be updated or changed.
  9. Serve on 21st century scholarship at Hunter College Library committee.

How long have you been at Hunter?

Forever! I started as a student worker in the 90's but I became a HEO in the fall of 2001.

What did you study?

Have a BA in Sociology from Hunter.

What's the best part of your day?

Is interacting with my co-workers here in the library over the past year it has been really tough. I have been dealing with medical illness and they have given up their own time for me. They are my family away from home especially since I commute for over 2 hours each way.

Why do you think you were nominated by your peers to be a featured HEO?

They knew I'd say yes?

What's the best advice you can offer?

Never say no without giving a possible solution or possible option. Be respectful to everyone from all walks of life and never assume that you know what the other person is going through so take time to listen.

Tell us two things personally or professionally that you would like us to know about you.

I love to travel back home to St.Vincent and the Grenadines and spend time with my family. I have been fortunate to have published an article in, Reference Services Review with my co-workers and soon a second also with my co-workers has been approved to be published in, Library Hi Tech.

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