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Andy Silver, Director of Operations for Facilities

Andrew Silver, Director of Operations for Facilities, spoke to the group about four different subjects on October 15th, 2014:

a. leadership changes                       

b. projects completed 

c. projects in progress

d. work orders and facility issues


a. Leadership Changes

Giancarlo Bonagura - new Chief Operating Officer;  it is expected that the Search for the new Executive Director of Facilities will begin shortly; Harry Yarwood is the Director of Facilities;  Peter Plevritis oversees the trades and Ed Pearlmutter is the Project Director.


b. Projects Completed

Andy reviewed briefly the projects that had recently been completed including the roofs and terraces, the third floor library, the 714 West Lecture hall, etc.  The full listing and details can be found on the facilities and planning website


c. Projects in Progress

The major projects include the East and West building escalator replacement, the broadcast studio, B2 library renovations, and a psych lab.   Designs are in progress for the 6th and 7th floor of the library; the north building roof replacement and the retro-commissioning of the HVAC systems.  The full listing and details can be found on the facilities and planning website


d. Work Orders and Facilities Issues

  • A significant amount of time was spent discussion work orders. Andy showed us a chart detailing the amount of time it took a work order to be completed. The amount of time (on average) was reduced from 56 days in 2011 to 25 days last year to an average of 12 days this year. Andy pointed out that we know that this is an average across ALL trades, and that some trades take longer than others to complete. However, they were making a significant effort to capture the data, analyze it and use it to allocate resources and schedule work. He explained that those in Art & Sciences have Agustin Pita in the Dean's Office who can facilitate if there is a lag. Gus requested that anyone having issues getting work completed send him the work order number and stated he would look into it since he meets with Facilities weekly.
  • One common problem across the campus was the lighting and electrical issues, more specifically re-lamping and ballasts. Ballast replacements require an actual electrician to complete - not simply a re-lamp work order that is handled by others. The electrical work order load is extremely high right now. A problem in the past was the lack of supplies necessary to do the job - with changes made this is now a better situation. However, state contracts have expired and standard items once purchased now have to go on bid - taking more time.
  • With the enhancements to Archibus (the work-order system) there is a move to centralize work order submissions so that certain people are the go-to people to put in work orders rather than everyone on campus having the ability. We will be using our Net ID to do this.
  • There is also a preventive maintenance schedule in the works (Andy mentioned that an inventory showed that there were 800 pieces of equipment that needed regular PM.)
  • Andy acknowledged that there is a problem with clocks on campus and explained the cost involved in "fixing the old" vs. "buying new". They are currently looking into a solution to this problem.
  • Andy suggested that requests for items such as painting, tiling, A/C etc also be put in your annual reports because his office does get to see those parts of the annual report and sometimes groups can be combined to get things done.
  • There was also a discussion about the rodent problem. It was noted that the College is now exploring the possibility of having routine pest control done with an outside vendor to assist the single exterminator at the College.
  • The issue of heating and ventilation was discussed. This is a continual problem but if you know that there will be an issue in your office before the cold weather starts (i.e. in the North Building you need to run A/C and heat to balance the two) let Harry know as soon as possible and they will look into whether anything can be done before it is an emergency.
  • A more recent area of focus, in addition to their daily responsibilities, is energy management and initiatives. This is helping to conserve energy, extend the life of equipment, and ultimately save money.
  • If there is an immediate problem call X14422 and follow it up with a work order so it can be tracked.


Lastly, Andy answered the question "To whom do we call if there is a problem that is not being resolved?"  His response was call Harry and then if necessary call Andy.  The meeting ended with Andy encouraging everyone to contact them if there are any issues that arise.


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