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Adrienne Bricker, December 17th, 2014

Adrienne Bricker, Deputy Registrar, spoke to the group on CUNYFirst Queries and Data Requests.

1.            She reviewed that everything from Schedule of Classes to Curriculum Management to Transcripts to Purchasing to Human Resources are now on CUNYFirst. 

2.            Data can be secured in two different ways. 

·         The first is to request the data from the Registrar by going to the One Stop Website request form: - click on “Forms” and then “Faculty” on the drop down menu.  The more information that you can give regarding the reasons you need it and what particular data you need, the better. 

·         The second way is through Query Viewer.  This discussion took the majority of the meeting.  Query Viewer can be found by going to Reporting Tools. Adrienne suggested that we use the search feature “contains” to find what we are looking for, i.e. rosters, grade sheets, etc.  She suggested that we run the report on EXCEL so that when we get the data we can manipulate for our individual needs.  She further suggested that we check the preview to see if we are going to get what we actually want.  She cautioned us that rows can be duplicated based on available info so we should make sure that names for example, are not duplicated before quoting the total number at the bottom of the report.


3.            She explained that “criteria” identifies and limits the populations and “fields” gives you the information that you want to see.

4.            She then demonstrated by doing three queries that might be useful to our group.

o   CU_SR_ENRL_INQRY_TERM ß lists (by student and term) the attempted and successful enrollment attempts – this includes adds, drops, swaps, and things like grade changes.

o   CU_SR_CLASS_ROSTER_WHO ß lists (by class number and term) the students who successfully enrolled in the class and are still enrolled.  Date/time stamps are listed, so you can determine who was first in, last in, etc.

o   CU_SR_PERM_STATUS_CLASS_NBRV2 ß lists (by class number and term) permissions that were given and who gave them.


5.            Since there are many queries listed it was suggested that when we find one that works for us we save it to our Favorites.  Several people suggested that we designate a “point person” for useful queries and disseminate among the HEOs.  Sarah Jeninsky volunteered to be this person.

6.            In terms of documentation we were referred back to Manfred Kuechler’s query guide:


7.            After the meeting Adrienne shared Celeste Ayala’s PDF file “QUERY – How to Retrieve Queries in CUNYFirst” available as a separate document within this summary.


Click here to view the CUNYFirst Query Guide.




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