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Jillian Schwedler


Office: 1727
Phone: 212-650-3469

Areas of Specialization:
-Comparative Politics
-Social Movements and Contentious Politics
-Protest and Policing
-Political Geography
-Middle East
-Political Islam
-Ethnography and Interpretive Methods

Recent Courses:

-Middle East Politics
Protest and Dissent 


PHD, Politics, New York University, 2000
, Middle East Studies, New York University, 1992
BA, Near Eastern Languages and Literature, New York University, 1988

Recent Publications:

2013. Islamists in Power? Inclusion, Moderation, and the Arab Uprisings,? Middle East Development Journal 5, no. 1 (April).

 2012. The Political Geography of Protest in Neoliberal Jordan,? Middle East Critique 21, no. 3 (December): 259?270.

2011. Can Islamists Become Moderates?  Rethinking the Inclusion-Moderation Hypothesis,? World Politics 63, no. 2 (April): 347?376.

2010. Amman Cosmopolitan: Spaces and Practices of Aspiration and Consumption,? Comparative Studies in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East 30, no. 3 (November), 547?562.

2010. Policing and Prisons in the Middle East: Formations of Coercion (with Laleh Khalili) (New York and London: Columbia University Press and Hurst Publishers).

2006. Faith in Moderation: Islamist Parties in Jordan and Yemen (New York: Cambridge University Press).

2005. Cop Rock: Protest, Identity, and Dancing Riot Police in Jordan,? Social Movement Studies 4, no. 2 (September): 155?175.

2003. Who Left the Window Open? Women?s Activism in Islamist Parties? (with Janine Astrid Clark), Comparative Politics 35, no. 3 (April): 293?312.