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A Message from President Jennifer Raab on Supporting Students:

Priority: Informational

We are continuing to focus on to how to best support our students in this difficult time. I am meeting regularly with Student Services Vice President Eija Ayravainen and her dedicated team of mental health counselors and advisors to discuss the challenges our students are facing and the best ways to support them remotely.  I know student success is an important focus for all of us now, and I am interested in your ideas for best practices and your insights on the challenges our students are facing. We ask that you continue to direct students who need additional support to student services and to work with your department chair to help address academic issues that may arise in our unique circumstances.  In addition, recruiting season is underway, and we are committed to reaching our accepted freshman, transfer and graduate students and promoting Hunter’s resources and excellence. As always, we will ask some of you to help to recruit the best and the brightest to come to Hunter next year.

As a reminder, we have been able to obtain a significant number of laptops for long-term loan through private donations and an allocation from CUNY.  We are working on safe ways to distribute them to students, including by mail, in-person, and with the help of our GIS faculty, potentially through neighborhood mobile drop-offs.  We continue to give out funds to students through the Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Fund and ask that you encourage your students who might need additional support to apply.