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Prior to applying to housing at Hunter College it is imperative to know that housing is not guaranteed for all students. Applying to housing at Hunter College is for all locations, and offers are made based on availability and demand.  Students cannot request to be placed in a specific location, nor can such requests be honored due to the demand of housing.  If offered housing, students must re-apply each year for housing as housing is not guaranteed year to year. 

Academic Year General Living@Hunter Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for Living@Hunter housing, you must meet the following eligibility requirements*

  1. Accepted, matriculated, full-time Hunter College student
  2. Have and maintain GPA requirements (Undergraduate: 2.0+ GPA. Graduate: 3.0+ GPA) Not applicable to new incoming Hunter College students with a 0 GPA
  3. Maintain full-time status while in housing (Undergraduate:12+credits per semester. Graduate: 9+ credits per semester)
  4. Have no outstanding housing balance on CUNYFirst
  5. Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  Please note that there are no exemptions for students choosing to live in Hunter's housing, and all students must be fully vaccinated.

*Eligibility requirements are subject to change

2023-2024 Academic Year Housing Application

The 2023-2024 Housing Application can be found HERE

Prior to applying please read the following:

  • Housing is not guaranteed. For 2023-2024 housing is only guaranteed to incoming Macaulay Honors Freshmen, rising Macaulay Honors Sophomores, and incoming Freshmen Gold/Nursing Scholars, for placement at the Brookdale Campus for 1 year. While some scholar groups may receive "priority" to housing that does not specify a housing location nor does it constitute a housing guarantee, only that their application (if submitted by the deadline) will be reviewed before the general population

  • You must have been accepted to Hunter College as a student to be considered for housing
  • Application is for general housing through Hunter and not for a specific location

  • Housing offers are based on availability and various factors as per the college, and are for the full academic year

  • Housing offers can be rescinded at any time due to ineligibility or housing/tuition balances

  • Housing costs are subject to change

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